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HMS Sybil on the River Mersey

British Submarines. Not as well documented as their American and German  counterparts. British Submarines operated mainly on secret missions, transporting agents and in the Mediterranean; many were lost on their perilous tasks. Several pages on individual submarines including never before seen images How close these U Boats came to winning the war for Germany is well documented. Here are my own pages on this crucial phase in the Battle of the Atlantic.  Of 40,000+ German sailors who left port; 30,000+ did not return. That's 75%!!!
A-Z British Submarines Sunk on the last day of the war and raised in the 90s. The U534 is now a resident on Merseyside, the home port of the Battle of the Atlantic in WW2. Images of a visit I made there in August 2000 and later. The U534 has left her home on Birkenhead docks in Feb 2008. Now at Woodside Ferry Terminal and open to the public.
HM Submarine Thetis. Sank on 1 June 1939 on her first sea trial from the River  Mersey.   How she was raised, renamed and fought on as HMS Thunderbolt. The U344 is the sub sank HMS Kite, the only "success" of its career. Contains some archive images & documents. Some information has been removed, as someone, from a u boat site, who I didn't get the material off, claimed copyright and wanted cash up front or threatened legal action to "recover" the sum of 40 euros! Therefore the information, vital to our continued quest for knowledge, has been removed and deleted from my computer.
The US submarine war in the Pacific. Several pages The U234 and her secret cargo to Japan and how it finally did arrive there, but not as they expected!
The R14, taken from Life Magazine Sept 18th 1939. U480 - Stealth U boat
The sub that sank a train - USS Barb How a Jap sub sparked off an invasion panic.
USS Thresher    Type 95 Torpedo - Japanese submarines  
U33. A dangerous mission, and a heaven sent opportunity for the British. Enigma components were found. U boat losses of WW2. Chronological index
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