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Name Class Pennant Crew Built Builder Disposal Date Method
Ace A
61 14-Mar-45 HMDY_Devonport Jun-50 Scrap
Laid down 3-Dec-43. Launched 14-Mar-45 but not completed - 1948-50 Used with Orion (cruiser) and Ashanti (DD) in Loch Striven to test effects of non-contact underwater explosions, on and below surface. Scrapped at Port Glasgow.


Achates A
61 20-Sep-45 HMDY_Devonport Jun-50 Sunk (not war)
Laid down 8-Mar-44. Launched 20-Sep-45 but not completed. May-June 1950 Used in hull strength trials off Gibraltar, from HMS Flamborough Head. 20 June 50 lowered until hull collapsed. Hull then lifted and, after examination, sunk in Med to the East of Gibraltar.


Acheron A P411 61 01-Mar-47 HMDY_Chatham 01-Feb-72 Scrap
Scrapped at Newport. Picture.


Aeneas A P427 61 01-Oct-45 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 13-Dec-74 Scrap
23-Feb-48 ran aground. Trials for Blowpipe Missile system 1972-1974 (became an 'SSG'). Trials successful but missile (similar to Rapier) had too short a range. (And it was a pretty poor idea!) Broken up at Dunston on Tyne.


Affray A P421 61 01-Apr-45 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 17-Apr-51 Loss (not war)
Dived 30 miles south of IOW, did not resurface. Portland Cemetery. Found in June 1951 67 miles SW of St Catherines Light, in about 280 feet - the 'Hurd Deep', snort mast fractured. Read a fuller article, or a diving report.


Alaric A P441 61 01-Feb-46 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jul-71 Scrap
Collided with jetty 12-Nov-58. 3-Feb-61 struck a sandbank and is grounded for 20 minutes near Sheerness, U.K. Broken up at Inverkeithing 1971.


Alcide A P415 61 01-Apr-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-74 Scrap
Broken up at Hull.


Alderney A P416, later S66 61 01-Jun-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-72 Scrap
Refitted and streamlined late 50's. Scrapped Cairnryan.


Alliance A P417, later S67 61 01-Jul-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-81 Museum
Left Portsmouth 1-Oct-47 for record-breaking 'cruise' in mid Atlantic. Made snort cruise 9-Oct-47 to 8-Nov-47 (30 days). Tested a new camouflage paint job when in Far East, 1965. 13/1/68 ran aground and stuck for three days on a rocky ledge off the Isle of Wight. 12/11/68 suffered a fire. Battery explosion 29-Jul-71 at Portland. 30/9/71: suffered a hydrogen buildup and explosion in a battery compartment due to a faulty ventilation system while in Portsmouth, U.K., killing one and injuring 14. 1/2/72: engine room flooded while boat on a trial dive off Plymouth, U.K. Touched the seabed at 122 feet after diving too steeply due to incorrect trimming in response to the flooding. Left the bottom after bouncing off the seabed. Now at RN Submarine Museum, Gosport. Picture


Ambush A P418 61 01-Sep-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 05-Jul-71 Scrap
Carried out prolonged snort Feb/March 1948, testing snort conditions in northern waters. (Previous trials by Alliance in tropics and Taciturn in temperate waters). Scrapped at Inverkeithing.


Amphion A P439, later S43 61 01-Aug-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 06-Jul-71 Scrap
Completed 27 Mar 45. Hit training ship 3-Sep-58. 10-Jan-67 another collision. Scrapped at Inverkeithing.


Anchorite A P422 61 01-Jan-46 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-70 Scrap
13-Oct-56 ran aground in Rothesay Bay. Refloated two days later. Damaged 3-Oct-60, striking uncharted rock in Hauraki Gulf off New Zealand. Broken up at Troon 1970.


Andrew A P423 61 01-Apr-46 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-May-77 Scrap
Last boat with permanent deck gun. First ever submerged crossing of Atlantic, May 1953, Bermuda to English Channel. Film star in On the Beach and others. Involved in collision 1-Oct-58. Far East 1958-68. Caught by trawler in Channel, 1973. Scrapped at Plymouth 1977.


Artemis A P449/S49 61 01-Aug-46 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-72 Scrap
Sabotaged 1954. Modernised 1955. 21-Jan-56 collided with a motor fishing vessel off the Isle of Wight. The submarine was undamaged and continued on exercises. Submiss 1963 while on loan to Canada. Sank alongside at Gosport 1-Jul-71, while 'first filling' fuel tanks - unable to shut after torpedo hatch due to cabling in place. Three men were trapped onboard the submarine but managed to escape successfully through the Forward escape tower. A bad trim and poor precautions lead to the loss and many lessons were learnt. HMS Artemis never returned to service. Scrapped by Pounds of Portsmouth. Picture


Artful A P456 61 01-May-47 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 23-Jun-72 Scrap
Broken up at Cairnryan.


Astute A P447 61 01-Jan-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Oct-70 Scrap
Scrapped Oct 1970 at Dunston on Tyne. Picture


Auriga A P419 61 01-Mar-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-75 Scrap
30 years service. 11/2/70: suffered a battery explosion while submerged in the Gibraltar area during NATO exercises. Ten people were injured, but the boat surfaced safely and limped to Gibraltar. Scrapped in Newport Feb 1975. One of the last to carry deck gun.


Aurochs A P426 61 01-Jul-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-67 Scrap
Involved in collision 2-Jul-47. Made 12,000 mile voyage from Australia via Pacific, ending 3/12/1958. Second British SM to circumnavigate world. Scrapped at Troon 1967, after three years in Reserve at Gosport.


Cachalot 'Old' Porpoise 83M 55 15-Aug-38 Scotts, Greenock 30-Jul-41 War Loss
Sinks U51 off L'Orient, France 20-Aug-40. ML. Lost NW of Benghazi, eastern Libya - rammed by Italian torpedo boat General Achille Papa. On 9-July-41 Cachalot left Alexandria loaded with stores bound for Malta and arrived on the 16th. She left Malta on the 26th with personnel bound for Alexandria and instructions to look out for an escorted tanker heading for Benghazi. At 0200 on the morning of 30-July a destroyer was spotted heading towards Cachalot, forcing the boat to dive. On re-surfacing, Cachalot was spotted and attacked by the Italian destroyer which steamed in firing its guns. Cachalot’s upper hatch jammed, thereby preventing a crash dive, and the Italian destroyer rammed into her, although not at great speed as the Italian Captain had realised that the order to abandon the submarine had already been given. As the crew went into the water the main vents were opened and Cachalot sank in very deep water. All the crew, apart from a Maltese steward, were picked up by the destroyer and transported to Benghazi from where they were taken to a POW camp near Naples, until repatriation in 1943.


Clyde River 12F 60 15-Mar-34 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 30-Jul-46 Scrap
Lt DC Ingram torpedoed and hit German battlecruiser Gneisenau off Trondheim, Norway 20-Jun-40. (Ingram promoted and, as Commander, established HMS Varbel, the base at Port Bannatyne, near Rothesay, used for training Chariot teams). Joined 8th Flotilla at Gibraltar May 1941 to Dec 1942 - Malta Bus. Refit 1943 in USA. Jan 1944 to Apr 1944 at Holy Loch with 3rd Flotilla. Apr 1944 to Jun 1945 based Trincomalee and Fremantle. Put into Reserve July 1945. Scrapped Durban. Picture


Grampus 'Old' Porpoise 56M 55 10-Mar-37 HMDY Chatham 16-Jun-40 War Loss
Minelayer; Lost off Augusta, eastern Sicily in Ionian Sea (c 37-00'N, 15-30'N) - by Italian torpedo boats Circe and Clio/Polluce. Sailed from Malta 10-Jun-40 to lay mines off Augusta, east coast of Sicily. At 1900 on 16-Jun-40, Italian Torpedo Boat Circe spotted a periscope and launched a depth charge attack on the position, along with the Polluce. Lost with all hands.


Graph ex-U Boat, Type VIIC ex U570 46 1940 Blohm and Voss, Hamburg 20-3-44 Scrap
U-570 surfaced off Iceland in misty weather on 27-Aug-41 under the nose of a patrolling Hudson aircraft from No.269 Squadron RAF. The Hudson (SqnLdr Thompson) instantly straddled the target with four depth-charges which so shook the captain and crew that it was decided to surrender without a fight. Subsequently, it was found that there was hardly anything wrong with the boat, except for the loss of some control systems, so the surprise had led to panic and surrender. Used in RN for anti-submarine training but, apart from the technical knowledge gleaned from it, was something of a liability for its crew. Usually flew a very large White Ensign! The Graph broke her tow and ran aground on Islay, West of Scotland on 20-Mar-44. Later salvaged and scrapped, after depth-charge trials were made on her hull.


H28 H H33 22 26-Jun-18 Vickers Oct-44 Scrap
With 5th Flotilla at Gosport through 1920's and 1930's. Training Flotilla at Rothesay. Broken up at Troon Oct 1944.


H31 H
22 16-Nov-18 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 24-Dec-41 War Loss
5th Flotilla at Gosport in 1920's and 30's. Training Flotilla at Rothesay but used for patrols off Brest Spring 1941. (Lt Frank Gibbs+), December 1941, in Bay of Biscay - 'overdue, presumed lost'. Sailed from Falmouth and left escort around the 19-Dec-41 for Biscay patrol, 250 miles north of Cape Finisterre. Overdue on the 26-Dec-41, cause of loss unknown. Possibly German minefield or drifting British mines; lost with all hands.


H32 H H32 22 14-May-19 Vickers 1944 Scrap
With 5th Flotilla at Gosport through 1920's and 1930's. Training Flotilla at Rothesay. Broken up 1944.


H33 H H33 22 15-Apr-19 Vickers 1944 Scrap
With 5th Flotilla at Gosport through 1920's and 1930's. Training Flotilla at Rothesay but used for patrols off Brest Spring 1941. Returned to training duties for three more years. Lt. Chapman, writer of Submarine Torbay, was the C.O. Broken up 1944.


H34 H H34 22 5-Nov-18 Cammell Laird 1945 Scrap
With 5th Flotilla at Gosport through 1920's and 1930's. Training Flotilla at Rothesay. Broken up July 1945.


H43 H H43 22 13-Oct-19 Armstrong Whitworth 1945 Scrap
Training Flotilla at Rothesay. Broken up July 1945.


H44 H H44 22 23-Mar-20 Armstrong Whitworth 1945 Scrap
Training Flotilla at Rothesay. Broken up July 1945.


H49 H H49 22 15-Jul-19 Beardmore, Dalmuir 17-Oct-40 War Loss
10-Dec-38 paid off into Reserve. Recommissioned Aug 1939 for training duties with the 5th Flotilla. May 1940 3rd Flotilla, Harwich. H49 sailed from Harwich 17-Oct-1940 with orders to patrol off Texel, on the Dutch coast. At 1510 on the 17th, west of Texel island, the submarine sighted a German anti-submarine flotilla of five vessels at a distance of 3000 yards; the flotilla also spotted the submarine. H49 immediately dived to 60 feet and depth charges began to fall around her. The submarine endured over two hours of depth charge attacks until 1850 when a large oil slick was sighted on the surface by the attacking vessels. Presumed sunk by Uj116 and Uj118


H50 H H50 22 25-Oct-19 Beardmore, Dalmuir July 1945 Scrap
6th Flotilla at Portland through 1920's. Served throughout the war, mainly on training duties based at Rothesay, but carried out war patrols in Spring 1941.


Junon Diane P19 42 01-Sep-35 Normand, Le Havre
French SM in UK at fall of France and taken under RN control 1940. Dundee until 44 then returned to France - reserve at Oran.  
Narwhal Porpoise 45M 55 28_Feb_36 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01_Aug_40 War Loss
Minelayer; Lost North Sea or off Norway. Sailed from Blyth 22-Jul-40 to lay mines off Kristiansund, Norway on 28-Jul-40. German aircraft reported attacking a submarine of afternoon of 23-Jul-40. Failed to return and paid off on 1-Aug-40. May have been sunk by German mines or aircraft; lost with all hands


Oberon O 21P 55 24-Sep-26 HMDY Chatham 24-Aug-45 Scrap
Originally O-1. 1927-1931 5th Flotilla, Portsmouth. 1931-1934 1st Flotilla, Malta. 1934-1935 1st Flotilla, Home Fleet. 1935-1938 5th Flotilla, Portsmouth. 11 Oct 1935 Damaged in collision with HMS Thanet at Devonport. 1938-1939 reserve and refit at Portsmouth. 2-Aug-39 recommissioned for war service, principally for training but with some patrols. Based on UK ports until paid off 5-Jul-44 at Blyth. 24-Aug-45 Sold for breaking up at Dunston.


Odin O 84P 55 21-Dec-29 HMDY Chatham 13-Jun-40 War Loss
Portsmouth 1929-30; Hong Kong 1930-39; East Indies 39-40; Malta 1940. Sailed from Alexandria, Egypt, for patrol in Gulf of Taranto. The Italian Destroyer Strale sighted Odin at 2321 on 13-Jun-40. The Destroyer turned to attack, first with torpedoes, and then with gunfire. Strale then attempted to ram the submarine, which fired a torpedo from a stern tube before diving. Having failed to ram the submarine, the Strale launched a pattern of depth charges before returning to her designated patrol. At 0157 the Torpedo Boat Baleno sighted Odin surfacing about 9 miles from the position of the original attack. The Baleno also attempted to ram the submarine, which once again dived to avoid her pursuer. Passing over the area Baleno dropped two depth charges, turned and dropped three more. Later that morning aerial reconnaissance by the Italian Air Force revealed oil slicks in both attack areas. The Italians believed the attacks to be on two separate submarines. But it is believed that both attacks were on Odin. The first badly damaging the submarine, the second finished her off. Lost (c 39-30'N, 17-30'E).


Olympus O 35P 55 1927-30 Beardmore, Dalkeith 8-May-42 War Loss
1931-1939 4th Flotilla, China Station. 1939-1940 8th Flotilla, Colombo. 1940-1942 Mediterranean. Damaged 7 July 1940 by bomb while in dock in Malta. Left Malta 8 May 42 and lost off Malta Grand Harbour (6 miles from St Elmo Light) - German E-boat-laid mines. On passage with personnel from Malta to Gibraltar, including many of the crews of bombed submarines Pandora, P.35, P.36 and P.39. Survivors swam 7 miles back to Malta, but only nine survived. 89 men lost.


Orpheus O 46P 55 23-Sep-30 Beardmore, Dalkeith 19-Jun-40 War Loss
Based Portsmouth 1930-31; Hong Kong 1931-39; East Indies 1939-40; Malta 1040. Third s/m lost in a week, North of Tobruk, eastern Libya (c 32-30'N, 24-00'E) - when depth charged by Italian destroyer Turbine. From Alexandria on patrol off coast of Libya, on her first Med patrol.


Osiris O 67P 55 25-Jan-29 Vickers Armstrong Barrow Sep 1946 Scrap
Portsmouth 1929-30; Hong Kong 1930-37; Portsmouth 1938-1939; Med 1939-42 (Malta and Alexandria); East Indies 1942-1944. Malta Bus operations 1940. Lt Cdr J R Harvey; 16 Aug 1940 sank a transport. 22-Sep-40 sank Italian torpedo boat Palestro off Brindisi, Strait of Otranto, while attacking a convoy. When returning to Alexandria she was presented with a 'Jolly Roger' flag by the Captain SM, the first use of such a flag in WW2. Refit at Chatham Jan-May 1941. Returned to Med, then, Aug '43 to Eastern Fleet for A/S training. Paid off March 1945. Scrapped 1946 at Durban.


Oswald O 58P 55 19-Jul-28 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1-Aug-40 War Loss
Based at Portsmouth 1929-30, Hong Kong 1930-37, Portsmouth 1938-39, Malta 1939-40. Left Alexandria 19-Jul-40 for patrol east of Sicily. At 1230 30 July, spotted convoy of three merchant ships and several destroyers passing through the Strait of Messina. Sent sighting reports and made unsuccessful attack. Italian 14th and 16th Destroyer Squadrons ordered to seek out the submarine. Sighted on the surface at midnight 1-Aug-40, at range of 2500 meters, by Italian destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi. According to the subsequent investigation (Aug 1943) the Captain of Oswald was called to the bridge by the night-alarm, but was unable to see because he had been decyhering a signal in the wardroom without wearing night-adaption red goggles. He therefore took no avoiding action and no effort was made to man the gun or bring the torpedo tubes to bear. The destroyer came in to ram, hitting Oswald on the starboard side with a glancing blow, but the captain had ordered 'Abandon Ship', just before the collision. The s/m was scuttled by the captain's order. Lost 10 miles SE of Cape Spartivento, SW Italy in Ionian Sea. Fifty two of the crew of fifty five survived.


Otus O 92P 55 1-May-29 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1946 Scuttled
Portsmouth 1929-30; Hong Kong 1930-39; Med 1940-42. Transported aviation fuel, torpedoes and munition to Malta Aug 42. Returned to Home waters 1942 then South Atlantic for training from 1943. Scuttled off Durban 1946


Otway O 51P 55 9-Sep-27 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1945 Scrap
Designed and built for Australia, known as OA2. Due to financial constraints, paid off into immediate reserve May 1930. Recommissioned into the RN at Sydney 1931. Based in Med 1931-1936; Portsmouth 1937-38; Reserve 1938-39 then recommissioned for war. Service unknown (any details welcome)


Oxley O 55P 55 1-Apr-27 Vickers Armstrong 10-Sep-39 War Loss
Designed and built for Australia, returned to Britain due to financial constraints. Med 1931-1936; Portsmouth 1937-38; Reserve 1938-39. Recommissioned for war. Sunk off Obrestad, Norwegian coast, south of Stavanger (c 58-30'N, 5-30'E) - torpedoed in error by HMS/M Triton. Submarines Oxley and Triton were patrolling off Norway on 10-Sep-1939 and had been in regular contact when Triton spotted an unidentified submarine off the coast of Norway. Believing it might be Oxley a number of signals of recognition were flashed by Triton. No reply was forthcoming and after several challenges Triton fired two torpedoes that struck the submarine and sent her to the seabed. Triton closed in on the area and found three survivors. A Board of Enquiry found that Oxley was some way out of position and that Triton had acted correctly and was not culpable for the sinking.


P32 U2 P32 33 1941 HMDY Chatham 18-Aug-41 War Loss
Lt D.A.B. Abdy. P32 left Malta for a patrol off Tripoli 12-Aug-41. On the 18th P32 sighted a convoy of five merchant vessels heading towards Tripoli. As the submarine returned to periscope depth, to check the convoy’s position, she struck a mine on the port side. The submarine took a heavy list to port and began to sink. 10th Flotilla


P33 U2 P33 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 20-Aug-41 War Loss
Lt R.D. Whiteway-Wilkinson DSC. Sank a supply ship of 6,600 tons. On 6-Aug-1941, P33 sailed from Malta with orders to intercept an Italian convoy bound for Libya. On 18-Aug, P32 reported hearing a prolonged depth charge attack that lasted for two hours. When the attack was finally over P32 attempted to contact P33 but received no response and it is almost certain that P33 had perished in the attack. Italians claimed she was sunk by torpedo boat Partenope off Pantelleria island on the 23rd. 10th Flotilla


P36 U2 P36 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-42 Scuttled
Lt. H.N. Edmonds DSC. Sunk Malta 1942. Wrecked by bombing. In harbour after covering Alexandria/Malta convoy (MW.10?) at time of Second Battle of Sirte (Malta convoys). Salvaged Aug 1958, then scuttled off Malta 22-Aug-58. 10th Flotilla


P38 (own page) U2 P38 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 23-Feb-42 War Loss
Lt. R.J. Hemingway DSC. Sank a supply ship of 4,170 tons. P38 left Malta 16-Feb-1942 to intercept a convoy off Tripoli. By the 23rd she was in position as the convoy hove into view. Amongst the convoy was the Italian destroyer Circe. At 0800 the Circe reported contact with a submarine and the warships turned to attack. A periscope was sighted but was quickly replaced by bubbles as the submarine dived realising it had been spotted. At 1050 after a flurry of attacks P38 rose stern first out of the water, her propellers turning wildly, before crashing back beneath the waves. A large patch of oil appeared on the surface as well as debris - clear evidence of the submarine’s destruction. Sunk east of Tripoli, western Libya (c 32-45'N, 15-00'E) - 10th Flotilla


P39 U2 P39 33 1941 Vickers Armstrong, Barrow 26_Mar_42 War Loss
Lt N Marriott, DSC, and Lt. J.D. Martin as spare C.O. Damaged Malta 1942, by German bombers. In harbour following a patrol in the area east of Tunisia. Previous bomb damage being repaired. Too badly damaged for repair. Salvaged, towed to Kalkara and beached 1943. Broken up in 1954. 10th Flotilla. Many of the crew later lost on Olympus on the way home.


P41/Uredd U2 P41 33 1941 Vickers Armstrong, Barrow 24 Feb 43 War Loss
Lost, cause unknown in the Bodø area off Norway, while serving in the Royal Norwegian Navy as Uredd.


P47/Dolfijn U2 P41 33
Vickers Armstrong, Barrow
Loaned to the Royal Netherlands Navy as Dolfijn. Returned to RN and broken up in 1947.


P48 U2 P48 33 1941/2 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 25-Dec-42 War Loss
Commanded by Lt. M.E. Fratier. Sailed from Malta 23-Dec-42; Sunk Christmas Day 1942, in Gulf of Tunis (c 37-15N, 10-30'E) - by depth charges of Italian destroyer escorts Ardente, Ardito and possibly Audace, northwest of Zembra Island. Attacking Italian convoy making for Tunis. 10th Flotilla.


P52 U2 poss. P552 33 01_Oct_42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-58 Scrap
Polish DZIK 42-46, then Danish Navy as U1 in 1946, then HDMS Springeren in 1948. Broken up at Faslane 1958.


P222 S3 P222/P72 48 4-Mar-42 Vickers Armstrong 12-Dec-42 War Loss
Originally designated P72, renumbered in July 1941. Commanded by Lt.Cdr. A.J. MacKenzie, P222 left Gibraltar for a patrol off Naples on 30-Nov-1942. Messages were received from her on 7th-Dec but after that no more was heard. P222 failed to arrive at Algiers on her due date of 21-Dec and the Italians claimed to have sunk a submarine by depth charging from Italian torpedo boat Fortunale on 12th-Dec, in Bay of Naples, SE of Capri. This is the most probable cause of the submarine’s loss but there has been no confirmation. Attacking Italian convoy off Naples. Adopted by Swindon.


P311 T P311 40 1942 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 08-Jan-43 War Loss
Only unnamed T-class boat - was due to have been named Tutenkhamen. Cdr RD Cayley (Harmonica Dick). Fitted to carry 2 human torpedoes (Chariots). Lost while engaged in Operation Principle, Chariot attack on Italian cruisers at La Maddalena. Left Scotland in November 1942 with sister-boats Thunderbolt and Trooper after addition of human torpedo deck-mounted watertight containers, direct for Malta. From there, sailed with two Chariots for Operation "Principle". Last signal on 31st December from position 38-10'N, 11-30'E. Probably sunk by Italian mines in the approaches to Maddalena. Italians claimed sunk by torpedo boat 'Partenope' on 29th - two days before her last signal; lost with all hands.


P511 Ex US R.3 SS80, P511 33 1919 Quincy, Fore River, USA 1944 Returned
Transferred to RN 4-Nov-1941 at New London. Joined 7th Flotilla at Holy Loch for anti-submarine training in January 1942. In January 1943 transferred to Plymouth, for use as an anti-submarine 'target' boat. Damaged in collision with P556. October 1944 placed in reserve and nominally returned to USN November 1944, but remained laid up. Scrapped at Troon in February 1948.


P512 ex US R.17 SS94, P512 33 1918 Union Iron Works, San Francisco, USA 1944 Returned
Transferred to RN 9 March 1942 at New London. Never left American waters, being stationed at Halifax (1942-43) and Bermuda (1943-44) for anti-submarine training, refitting at Philadelphia. Handed back to USN September 1944 and sold for scrap in Philadelphia November 1945. 19 July 42 transferred to Royal Canadian navy, operating from Bermuda and Halifax NS. Returned to US in Sep 1944.


P514 ex US R.19 SS96, P514 33 1918 Union Iron Works, San Francisco, USA 21-Jun-42 War Loss
Sunk by accident in Atlantic - on passage around the coast of Newfoundland from Argentia to St Johns. On 20-Jun-1942 P514 left the Canadian village of Argentia bound for St Johns, Newfoundland. At 0300 on the 21st the minesweeper Georgian was waiting to provide an escort for a convoy bound for Sydney. The Georgian, unaware that any friendly submarines were in the area, assumed that the dark shape of P514 crossing her bow, was an enemy vessel. The Georgian rammed the mystery submarine amidships and reported it sunk. A rescue mission was immediately sent out but no survivors were found. A Board of Enquiry into the accident accepted that the Captain of the Georgian had acted correctly as there had been no reply from the submarine to his identification challenge.


P551 ex-US S25 SS130, P551 42 1921 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, USA 1942 War Loss
ex-US S class boat, Leased 1941. Transferred to RN at St. Johns, Newfoundland 4 November 1941 and commissioned same day by Polish crew as the Jastrzab. December 1941 arrived UK, initially joined 3rd Flotilla at Greenock, but transferred to 6th Flotilla, based at Blyth. Refitted on Tyneside Feb-March 1942 before deploying on first operational patrol in May. Acting as an escort to convoy QP.11 when attacked in error by St. Albans and Seagull. Lost 1942.


P552 ex-US S1 SS105, P552 42 1918 Quincy, Fore River, USA 1944 Returned
Ttransferred to RN at New London 20 April 1942. Arrived UK in July and initially intended that she go to Bombay as a training boat, however this was amended to Simonstown, South Africa. She arrived in South Africa, via Gibraltar and Freetown, in December 1942. She was not in good material condition, and spent much of her time in dockyard hands. Declared unseaworthy following a collision in Durban harbour in January 1944, and paid off into reserve. Nominally returned to USN 16 October 1944. Sold for scrap locally at Durban in June 1946.


P553 ex-US S21 SS126, P553 42 1921 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, USA 1944 Returned
ex-US S class boat, ex-US boat. Transferred to RN at New London 14 September 1942. Remained in American waters, based at Halifax, NS, as a training boat. Returned to USN at Philadelphia 11 July 1944.  She was sunk as a target off New England on 23 March 1945. Image: As the US sub S-21. And as P553 in second image.


P554 ex-US S22 SS127, P554 42 1921 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, USA 1944 Returned
ex-US S class boat, ex-US boat, transferred to RN at New London 19 June 1942. Based at Halifax as a training vessel. Returned to the USN at Philadelphia 11 July 1944.


P555 ex-US S24 SS129, P555 42 1921 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, USA 1942 Sunk (not war)
ex-US S Class boat, (nicknamed 'State Express') used for training, based on Holy Loch/Rothesay. Transferred to RN at New London 10 August 1942. Arrived UK in October and joined 7th Flotilla at Holy Loch as a training boat. Paid off into reserve May 1944. Nominally returned to USN 20 December 1944. Now lies some miles South West of Portland, 50 30.87N 02 33.43W. Sunk 28-Apr-47 as Asdic Target in depth of 42m. Still reasonably intact and upright (Ack. Darren Wigington).


P556 ex-US S29 SS134, P556 42 1922 Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, USA 1944 Returned
ex-US boat, transferred to RN at New London 5 June 1942. Arrived Gibraltar, via Bermuda, in August 1942 to refit, nominally as part of 8th Flotilla. To Plymouth February 1943, for anti-submarine training role. Moved to Portsmouth, same role, in November 1943. Damaged by a battery explosion 27 January 1944, and paid off into reserve in April. Nominally returned to USN 26 January 1945. Sold to Messrs Pounds, Portsmouth for scrap 24 January 1947 (but not broken up for years afterwards, sometime in the 70's?)


P611 ex-Turkish 'Oruc Reis' 40 1941-2 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1957 Scrap
Turkish submarine Oruc Reis being built by Vickers at the outbreak of war. Completed 1 December 1941 and commissioned into RN for work up. Very similar to S Class, but fewer tubes. Decided to complete and deliver this and Murat Reis, so temporarily commissioned in RN as P611 for delivery. Sailed Clyde 26 Mar 42, reaching Turkish base of Iskanderun 9 May, via Gib and Alex.


P612 ex-Turkish 'Murat Reis' 40 1939/40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1957 Scrap
Turkish submarine Murat Reis being built by Vickers at the outbreak of war. Very similar to S Class, but fewer tubes. Completed 7 January 1942 and commissioned in RN for work up, attached 3rd Flotilla, Clyde. Decided to complete and deliver this and Oruc Reis, so temporarily commissioned in RN as P612 for delivery. Sailed UK 26 March 1942 in company with P.611, but passage from Gibraltar to eastern Med made separately. Transferred Turkish navy 25 May 1942 as Murat Reis.


P614 ex-Turkish Burak Reis 40 1939/40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1957 Scrap
Turkish submarine Burak Reis being built by Vickers at the outbreak of war. Very similar to S Class, but fewer tubes. Decided to complete and retain this and Uluc Ali Reis, commissioned in RN as P614. Used for training around West of Scotland. Between April and Oct 1942 was used for patrols off Norway and as escort for convoy PQ17 to Murmansk. Finished off by torpedo the US SS Christopher Newport which had been damaged by bombing. Dec 42 to Aug 43 served in South Atlantic. Oct 43 to Aug 44 refit in UK and then serving with 12th Flotilla working with X Craft at Kames Bay until March 45. Handed over to Turkey 17 Jan 46. Similar to British S Class.


P615 ex-Turkish Uluc Ali Reis 40 1940 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 18-Apr-43 War Loss
Uluc Ali Reis was being built for Turkey at start of war. Decided to complete and retain in RN. Similar to British S Class. Completed in April 42. Escorted convoy PQ17 to Murmansk 1942. Left Freetown, Liberia, 17 April 43 bound for Takoradi under escort from the minesweeper MM107. During the night submarine and escort lost contact and on the morning of the 18th the minesweeper sighted what was thought to be a torpedo track, pass from port to starboard. Contact was gained with P615 and as there was no evidence of a U-boat in the area the torpedo track was put down to a porpoise. P615 and MM107 regained visual contact and the minesweeper took station 300 yards off the submarine’s starboard quarter. At 0950 the minesweeper sighted the merchant vessel Empire Bruce and whilst signalling the ship, noticed that P615 was also signalling, a few minutes later the submarine was seen to explode and sink. Observers suggest that the submarine had been hit on her starboard side by a torpedo although no torpedo track had been seen. She had been hit on the starboard side by a torpedo fired from U-123.


P711 Archimede ex X.2, ex-Galileo Galilei 55 01-Aug-34 Italy 01-Jan-46 Scrap
Formerly the Italian submarine Galilei. Having participated in the Spanish Civil War, Galilei was stationed in the Red Sea in 1940, when her air-conditioning malfunctioned and she was forced to the surface where she engaged British warships until she was captured 19-Oct-40. Designated X2 and then P711 by the RN, she operated as a training boat in the East.


P712 600 ex-Perla 55
Italy 1954 Scrap
Formerly the Italian submarine Perla, captured in Mediterranean 1942. Handed over to the Royal Hellenic Navy in 1943 and served as Matrozos until scrapped in 1954.


P714 Acciaio ex Bronzo 55
Italy 1954 Scrap
Formerly the Italian submarine Bronzo, captured off Syracuse 1943. Handed over to the French Navy 1944 and renamed Narval. Scrapped 1948.


Pandora P 42P 56 22-Aug-29 Vickers Armstrong 01-Apr-42 War Loss
Previously Python. Far East Dec 1930, arriving Hong Kong Feb 1931. Stayed on China Station until WW2. Based Alexandria 1940-42. Sank French colonial sloop Rigault de Genouilly off Algiers, July 1940. Employed taking supplies to Malta August 1940. (Magic Carpet) Survived depth charge attack by Italian torpedo boat Cosnez, Sept 1940. Sank three Italian transports during 1940-41. Bombed and sunk by Italian aircraft at Hamilton Wharf, Valetta dockyard, Malta, 1-Apr-42, shortly after arriving on a supply trip from Gibraltar. Wreck raised 1943. Dismantled 1957.


Parthian P 75P 56 22-Jun-29 HMDY Chatham 11-Aug-43 War Loss
Known as 'Peanut' - this class had identity letters on the tower (Parthian being 'PN' - PeaNut.). 20-Jun-40 sank Italian S/M Diamante off Tobruk. Landed an agent off Crete 20 July 1940. Sank Carlo Martinolich, 4,200 tons, off Cape Spartivento, Calabria, 31 Dec 40. 25-Jun-41 sank Vichy French S/M Souffleur during British/Free French campaign to occupy Lebanon and Syria. Adopted by Boston, Lincs 1942. Refitted in USA end of 41 to March 42. 1942-43 back in Med. Supply runs to Malta in July, October and November 42, transporting aviation fuel and ammunition. To gain space, one battery was removed and no spare torpedoes were carried. Sank several caiques in the Aegean May/June 43. Presumed mined in Adriatic July/August 1943, having sailed from Malta on 22-July for patrol west of Greece and southern Adriatic. Ordered to patrol off Otranto on 26-July, but new area given on 28-July. Overdue at Beirut on 11-Aug-43. Possibly mined off Brindisi, SE tip of Italy or returning to Beirut. (See also Captain Walker. His son Tim, died aboard the sub - mk.)


Perseus P 36P, N36 56 c.1930 Vickers Armstrong, Barrow 06-Dec-41 War Loss
Sunk 7 miles north of Zante (Zakinthos) island, west coast of Greece in Ionian Sea - by Italian mines. 1 survivor - see story at British Royal Navy Submarines (Articles).


Phoenix P 96P 50 3_Feb_31 Cammell Laird 16_Jul_40 War Loss
LtCdr GN Nowell. Left Malta for Sicilian coast patrol, July-40. Lost in Med 16-Jul-40, off Augusta, eastern Sicily in Ionian Sea - by depth charges from Italian torpedo boat 'Albatros'. Attacking escorted tanker Dora.


Porpoise Porpoise 14M 55 11-Mar-33 Vickers Armstrong 16-Jan-45 War Loss
Minelayer. Sank the German Uboat U-1 in the North Sea 16 Apr 40. Malta Bus. (Alex-Malta 9 times). Laid mines off Tobruk which claimed Italian torpedo boat Cantore 22-Aug-42. Lt Cdr HB Turner RN. Laid mines in eastern Indian Ocean and Malacca Strait in July 1944 which claimed Japanese 'Special S/M Chaser No.8 on 9-Sep-44, the tanker Takekun Maru on 10-Sep-44, and 'Special Minelayer No.1 on 27-Mar-45. Sunk Malacca Strait. Last RN s/m lost WW2. Left Trincomalee 2-Jan-45 to lay mines in vicinity of Penang. A signal from the submarine confirmed that this had been successfully carried out, and was the last contact made. Japanese records show that a submarine was spotted and bombed by aircraft in the vicinity of Penang. Although not destroyed in this attack, the submarine was wounded and leaking oil that left a trail for the Japanese anti-submarine forces to follow as they closed in for the kill.


Poseidon P 99P 50 5-May-30 Vickers Armstrong 09-Jun-31 Sunk (not war)
Sunk in collision with SS Yuta, 20 miles north of Wei Hai Wei, China Sea, June 1931. Majority of crew escaped via the conning tower. Led to the introduction of Escape Compartments.


Proteus P 29P 50 17-Jun-30 Vickers Armstrong 1946 Scrap
Sailed for far East 1930, arriving Hong Kong Feb 1931. Stayed East until start of war. Based Alexandria 1940-43. Employed taking supplies to Malta August 1940 and November 1942. Damaged by Italian torpedo boat Sagittario on the night of 8-Feb-42 (C.O. Lt.Cdr. P S Francis). Francis thought he saw a U-boat and turned towards in order to attack, but the target turned out to be Sagittario. The two met head-on, with the submarine's hydroplane ripping open the port side of the Sagittario. The collision damaged several rivets in Proteus who had to abandon the patrol. Both the torpedo boat and the submarine limped away from the area, honours even. Sank or damaged eleven Italian transports during 1942-43. Returned UK 1943 and used for training. Scrapped Feb 1946.


Rainbow R 16R 50 14-May-30 HMDY Chatham 15-Oct-40 War Loss
(Lt Cdr L P Moore+), Far East until 1940, then Med, joining 1st Flotilla at Alexandria 15-Jul-40. Sailed from Alexandria 23-Sep-40 for patrol off the Gulf of Taranto. Previously presumed to have been sunk by gunfire and sank with all hands after a 45 minute early morning surface action 50 miles south of Cape Colonne, SW Italy in Ionian Sea by Italian submarine Enrico Toti. Recent research ("The Admiralty Regrets" by Paul Kemp, "Allied Submarine Attacks" by J Rohwer, research by Rastelli and Bagnasco, and viz the RN Submarine Museum) suggests Rainbow was sunk in collision/ramming with Italian merchantman Antonietta Costa, and that the victim of Enrico Toti's gunnery was Triad which was on patrol in the Ionian Sea around this time having sailed from Malta 9-Oct-40.


Regent R 41R 50 11-Nov-30 Vickers Armstrong 18-Apr-43 War Loss
Lt.Cdr HC Browne. More details. Sailed Malta 12-Apr-43 for patrol in southern Adriatic. Sightings of a submarine on 13th, 15th and 16th off Calabria are thought to be that of Regent At 1545 on the 18th Regent fired a torpedo at the merchant ship Balcic but missed. This attack took place five miles north of Monopoli. That evening a large explosion was heard in the same area, which is believed to have been the Regent striking a mine. Failed to reach Beirut on 1-May-43, presumed lost on Italian mines between these two dates. Also claimed sunk by Italian corvette Gabbiano on the 16th April.


Regulus R 88R 50 7-Dec-30 Vickers Armstrong Nov/Dec 1940 War Loss
Sailed Alexandria, Egypt on 18-Nov-40 for patrol in southern Adriatic. Presumed mined around Strait of Otranto area, but possible that she may have been sunk by Italian aircraft on 26-Nov-40.


Rorqual Porpoise 74M 55 10-Feb-37 Vickers Armstrong 01-Apr-46 Scrap
Minelayer. Lt Cdr RH Dewhurst. Laid mines West of Sicily 25-Mar-1941, which claimed two Italian supply ships and Italian torpedo boat Chinotto. Torpedoes and sinks Italian submarine I31 March 41 off Sicily. More mines laid by Rorqual in Oct 1941 claimed Italian torpedo boats Aldebaran and Altair. Attacked a tug and floating battery at head of Adriatic (date?) Details here. Picture


Rover R 62R 50 29-Jan-31 Vickers Armstrong 1946 Scrap
Badly damaged in air attack on Crete 1940 and spent rest of war waiting for a refit.


Safari S3 P211 48 01-Nov-41 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 08-Jan-46 Sunk (not war)
Originally named P61. Renumbered P211 July 1941. Named Safari January 1943. Lt Cdr Ben Bryant. Lt R B Lakin. Successful in Med. Sunk on way to scrap 8-Jan-46. Currently lies S.E. of Portland, breaking up.

Saga S3 P257 48 01-Mar-45 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 1969 Scrap
10/2/46: collided with the trawler Girl Lena at night in the English Channel, sinking the Girl Lena.Transferred to Portuguese Navy 11/10/48 as Naultilo. Disposal List 1969.


Sahib S3 P212 48 1941-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 24-Apr-43 War Loss
Lt. T.H. Bromage. Sunk German s/m U301 off western Corsica 21-Jan-43. 24-Apr-43 sunk a transport - Galiolo - off northeast Sicily and counter-attacked by Italians off Cape Milazzo after broaching. Fired on by German Ju-88 and attacked by depth charges from Italian corvette Gabbiano, Climene and other escorts - possibly Euterpe - including the German Ju.88 aircraft. At about 0545, Sahib came under heavy depth charge attack resulting in the pressure hull being holed at the aft ends. With no way of repairing the damage, the order to prepare to abandon ship was given. The submarine surfaced, meeting a machine gun attack from the waiting aircraft and escorts. As the crew left the submarine, Sahib was scuttled (c 38-30'N, 15-15'E). One casualty - EA E.G. England, who died 3rd May.


Salmon S2 N65, 65S 39 8-Mar-35 Cammell Laird 09-Jul-40 War Loss
Lt Cdr J M Money, Lt V J H Van Der Byl, Lt R J Burch, Lt E O Bickford 6-Aug to 9-Jul-40. 4-Dec-39. (with 3rd SM Flotilla). Torpedoed and sank U36 500 tons, south-west of Kristiansand in position 57.00N-05.20E. 12-Dec-39. Sighted the German liner Bremen. Surfaced and in accordance with International Law signalled the liner to stop but no notice was taken. Salmon then dived when an aircraft appeared but despite being in a position to fire torpedoes did not do so. 13-Dec-39. Attacked the cruisers Leipzig and Nurnburg. Leipzig was out of action for 5 months and Nurnburg for a year. 20 May - 3 June 40. Operation Lamp. 17 - 27 June. Patrol off Jaederens and an unsuccessful attack on a convoy. 4 July 40. Departed for patrol off Skudesnes, sw coast of Norway. She was sent signals on 9th, 11th and 12th July, the final one ordering a return to harbour. None of these signals was acknowledged. Lost with all hands. Later it became known that one of the signals routed her across a minefield which at the time was unknown. There is also a possibility that she was attacked by aircraft, but mining is the most likely somewhere in position 57.22N-05.00E. See details.


Sanguine S3 P266 48 13-May-45 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 1969 Scrap
Became Israeli Rahav in 1958. Broken up at Haifa.

Saracen S3 P213, P247 48 27-Jun-42 Cammell Laird 14-Aug-43 War Loss
Originally P63, renumbered P213. Renumbered P247 to remove the unlucky '13'. Sank German s/m U335, while on work-up in North Sea between Shetlands and Norway, 3-Aug-42, and then Italian s/m Granito off northwest Sicily, 9-Nov-1942. 7 Aug 42 forced to the surface, off Bastia, NE coast of Corsica in Tyrrhenian Sea - by depth charges from Italian corvettes Minerva and Euterpe. Crew abandoned ship but scuttled the boat.


Satyr S3 P214 48 01-Sep-42 Scotts, Greenock 04-Apr-62 Scrap
Originally P64, renumbered July 1941. Named Jan 43. Sunk German s/m U987 to the west of Narvik, Norway, on 15-Jun-1944. Streamlined 1944 - see Seraph. French Saphir 52-61. Broken up at Charlestown, Fife, 1961.


Sceptre S3 P215 48 01-Jan-43 Scotts, Greenock 01-Sep-49 Scrap
Originally P65. Towed X10 midget across N.Sea for raid on Tirpitz, September 1943 & X24 to Bergen 11 Sep 44. Streamlined 1944 - see Seraph. Damaged by battery explosion 8 Aug 49, flooded and filled with chlorine gas. Suspended on salvage wires at 500 feet. LEM CC Anderson re-entered the boat and connected the ballast pump, giving sufficient buoyancy for the boat to surface. Scrapped at Gateshead Sep 1949.


Scorcher S3 P258 48 01-Dec-44 Cammell_Laird Birkenhead 14-Sep-62 Scrap
Lt K.S. Renshaw DSC RNR. Eastern Fleet. 4/2/56: damaged in a collision. 22/11/56: suffers a fire during exercises. Broken up at Charlestown, Fife. Picture


Scotsman S3 P243, later S143 48 01_Aug_44 Scotts, Greenock 01_Nov_64 Scrap
Very interesting post-war trials, with her casing and battery altered to test different configurations. Streamlined, with most of the fore casing removed, given A Class motors and U Class diesels. Took a full day to recharge battery. Later spent a long time looking very similar to USN 'Guppy' Class. Trials for quieter propellors. Reserve in Gareloch 1961. See Misc. Pictures. Sunk for training 1964, Kames Bay, Bute. Salvaged and scrapped at Troon.


Scythian S3 P237 48 01-Apr-44 Scotts, Greenock 01-Aug-60 Scrap
Lt Cdr C.P. Thode RNVR. Eastern Fleet. Broken up at Charlestown, Fife.


Sea Devil S2 P244 48 01-Jan-45 Scotts, Greenock 01-Dec-65 Scrap
Last operating S Class, 1962. Remained unmodernised. Scrapped Newhaven.


Sea Dog S3 P216 48 01-Jun-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Aug-48 Scrap
Originally P66. LtCdr A Daniell DSO, DSC./Lt E.A. Hobson DSC. Rescued three US airmen from a raft in the Bay of Bengal 27-Feb-45. Shortly afterwards rescued another. Rendezvoused with RAF Catalina to transfer survivors. Broken up at Troon 1948.


Seahorse S1 98S 36 15-Nov-32 HMDY Chatham 07-Jan-40 War Loss
Completed in 1933 for service with 5th Flotilla, Portsmouth. 1934 6th Flotilla. 1936 1st Flotilla then 2nd Flotilla. 22 Sep 1938 damaged in collision with HMS Foxhound. Lt. D.S. Massey Dawson: Sep 1939 attacked by German a/c in the North Sea and later by a RAF Anson. Nov 1939 6th Flotilla patrolling from Blyth. On 26-Dec-1939, sailed from Rosyth for patrol off the east coast of Denmark. Four days later moved to the entrance of the Elbe. She did not return on her due date of 9-Jan-1940. It was first thought that she had been mined but German records, examined after the war, suggest she was the victim of the German First Minesweeper Flotilla which reported a sustained depth charge attack on an unidentified submarine 7-Jan-1940. (54.19n, 7.30e.) 39 crew lost


Sea Nymph S3 P223 48 01-Jul-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jun-48 Scrap
Towing submarine for midget raid on Tirpitz, Kå Fjord, Norway, September 1943. Broken up at Troon.


Sea Rover S3 P218 48 01-Feb-43 Scotts, Greenock 01-Oct-49 Scrap
Originally P68. Completed by VA Barrow due to bombng at Scott's. Broken up at Faslane.


Sea Scout S3 P253, later S153 48 01-Mar-44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 14-Dec-65 Scrap
(Sir) John Harvey-Jones 1st Lt. in 1944-45. Operated from, among others, Trincomalee and Perth, carrying out very long distance patrols in Gulf of Siam and off Malaya. Served another 20 years. Broken up at Briton Ferry, with Seraph.


Seal Porpoise 37M 55 27-Sep-38 HMDY Chatham 05-May-40 Captured
Minelayer. First war patrol in Gulf of Aden. Returned to UK for patrols in North Sea and convoy-protection in Atlantic. Transferred to 6th Flotilla. 29 Apr 40 sailed for operation DF7 with 50 mines from Immingham, to lay minefield near the Swedish island of Vinga in the Kattegat, across German transport route to Norway. Lt Cdr RP Lonsdale. While evading surface ASW craft, hit mine and forced to sit on bottom until dark. Surfaced eventually but almost uncontrollable. Aft compartments flooded. Tried to make for Sweden. One engine started but stern damage caused the boat to circle. At 0250 4th May 40 attacked by German He-115 aircraft from Aalborg, Denmark. Spotted by German Ar-196 seaplane, which attacked. Joined by second 'Arado'. Unable to dive, with crew suffering from CO2 poisoning, Seal put up a fight but the Lewis gun jammed. At 0630 the UJ-128 arrived on the scene. The crew surrendered, expecting the boat to sink, but it stayed afloat. 60 crew taken prisoner. Boat towed to Frederikshavn, and on 11 May to Kiel. Commissioned by Germany as UB.A in Nov 1940, commanded by Fregkpt. Bruno Mahn, a WWI veteran of UB-21. UB.A had limited value for Germany except for training and propaganda purposes. One benefit was the analysis of British torpedoes, leading to improved detonators for the unreliable German toredoes. Decommissioned in July 1941 and scuttled in Heikendorf Bay, Kiel, (54.22N, 10.11E) 3 May 1945. The wreck was later raised and broken up. See more details.


Sealion S2 72S, N72 39 16-Mar-34 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Mar-45 Target
Based in Med 1934-39. Home waters at start of war. Fired 6 torpedoes at Uboat U-21 6 Nov 39, but missed. 11-Apr-40 (Lt.Cdr. Ben Bryant - see also Safari), sank German freighter August Leonhardt. Sank 3320-ton ship SW of Norway 4 Aug 1940. Transferred to 6th Flotilla, Blyth, late 1940. 1941 Arctic. Sank two small ships W of Norway 1st and 5th Feb 1941. Sank small ship N of Norway 5 Dec 41. Acted as marker submarine for Operation Anklet, raid on Lofoten Islands, Norway Dec 41. (See details). 1943 A/S training. 3/3/45 scuttled as Asdic target off Isle of Arran 3/3/45.


Seawolf S2 47S 39 28.11.1936 Scotts, Greenock Nov 45 Scrap
1936-39 5th Flotilla, Portsmouth. Aug 1939 joined 2nd Flotilla, Dundee. Oct 1939 joined 3rd Flotilla. Lt Cdr JW Studholme. Many undercover ops. esp. off Norway. 18-Apr-1940 sank German transport Hamm in Skagerrak. Nov 1940 to 5th Flotilla. Nov 1941 operated in Arctic waters, sank transport Bressheim 22 Nov 41. Feb 1942 joined 3rd Flotilla. 6-Mar-1942 sighted German BB Tirpitz at sea, having sailed from Trondheim to attack convoy PQ12, sent Enemy Report. Aug 1942 refitted in USA. Jan 1943 A/S training based on Halifax, Nov Scotia then in Nov 1942 at Bermuda. July 1944 refit at Philadelphia. Dec 1944 A/S training at Digby. 23-Jun-45 paid off at Halifax, NS. Nov 1945 sold for breaking up in Canada.


Selene S3 P254 48 01-Apr-44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jun-61 Scrap
Towed XE5 to cut Japanese submarine communication cables Saigon-Hong Kong. Converted as high speed target-vessel 1944 - see Seraph.


Seneschal S3 P255 48 01-Apr-45 Scotts, Greenock 23-Aug-60 Scrap
4/6/47: suffers an explosion. 14/6/52: collision with the Danish frigate Thetis south of the Isle of Wight. The submarine's periscope and radar mast are damaged. Broken up at Dunston on Tyne.


Sentinel S3 P256/S56 48 01-Jul-45 Scotts, Greenock 01-Feb-62 Scrap
Too late for WW2. Med Fleet '51. Portland 59-61. Scrapped Gillingham, Kent.


Seraph S3 S189/P219 48 01-Oct-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1-Dec-65 Scrap
See details - see also Sceptre, Satyr, Statesman, Solent, Selene and Sleuth. 1963 Paid off. While awaiting disposal at portsmouth in 1963, various parts, including a periscope, were removed for incorporation in a monument to be erected at the Military College of South Carolina, USA, dedicated to British/US cooperation during WW2. Broke tow on way to scrapping, adrift for 24 hours on 15 Dec 1965. Scrapped Briton Ferry.


Severn River 57F 61 12-Jan-35 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-45 Scrap
Based Portsmouth 1934-35, Med 35-39, Freetown 1939, Home 1040-41, Med 1941-44. eastern Fleet from 1944. Sank one ship off Norway June 1940, two ships in 1941. Torpedoed and sank Italian submarine Michele Bianchi west of Gibraltar 7-Aug-41. Supply boat for Greek islands of Leros and Samos Oct-Nov 1943. Scrapped at Bombay 1946.


Shakespeare S3 P221 48 01-Dec-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 14-Jul-46 Scrap
Lt D Swanston. Sunk Italian submarine Velella off the Gulf of Salerno 7 Sept 1943. Sank Japanese merchant Unryu Maru off Andamans 31-Dec-44. Damaged 3rd January 1945, South East Asia, off Port Blair area, Andaman Islands, (See Details) - by gunfire of Japanese merchant ship, and later damaged in bombing attack. Surfaced to engage the merchantman and damaged by return fire, unable to dive. Later attacked from the air, 15 crew injured and radio destroyed. Headed for the patrol area of sister s/m, Stygian, who radio'd for help and sent engineers to assist repairs. Returned Trincomalee two days later. Beyond repair.


Shalimar S3 P242 48 22-Apr-43 HMDY Chatham 01-Jul-50 Scrap
Lt W.G. Meeke. Eastern Fleet 11/44 to 7/45 (left Dunoon 11-Aug-44, returned Portsmouth 6-Oct-45). Only one commission. Laid up at Harwich 1945-50. Scrapped at Troon.


Shark S2 54S, N54 39 31-May-34 HMDY Chatham 06-Jul-40 War Loss
Portsmouth 1934, Med 35-39. 1939 5th Flotilla, Portsmouth, then 3rd Flotilla. Lt P.N. Buckley. Fired five torpedoes at a convoy of German transports, off Norway, 15 April 1940. Missed with all. On 5-July-1940, while on patrol off Skudesnes, south west Norway, Shark was on the surface when a seaplane was sighted astern. As the submarine submerged to avoid the aircraft two or three bombs exploded close to the stern, followed closely by at least two more. The explosions caused considerable damage. Without steering gear and the hydroplanes jammed hard to rise, the submarine’s bow broached the surface to be greeted by more bombs. The submarine began to sink by the stern and all high-pressure air was used to return her to the surface. Once on the surface Shark got underway steering on main engines. Being sighted yet again the submarine came under sustained attack and No. 4 ballast tank was holed. Finally more aircraft arrived and Shark had no option but to capitulate. At about 0400 three trawlers - M1803, M1806, M1807 - arrived to take Shark under tow but the submarine was beyond saving, she began to sink at the stern. Ships company captured. See also Shark. Picture


Sibyl S3 P217 48 01-Apr-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Mar-48 Scrap
Special Ops. Sometimes referred to as Sybil(?). Commanded by Lt. E.J.D. Turner, DSC, sailed 8-Nov-42 for a rendezvous on the south coast of France. Picked up seven staff officers and officials, including one woman, of General Giraud's staff. Took them to Algiers on 11-Nov. See also Seraph. Later in Eastern Fleet (Lt. H.R. Murray).


Sickle S3 P74, P224 48 17-Aug-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 1944 War Loss
Lt. JR Drummond. 11-Jan-1943 - 1st Patrol off north Norway covering convoy JW52. April 1943 - Arrived Gibraltar. 18-Apr-1943 - 2nd Patrol. Attacks Italian ship Mauro Croce north of Valencia, 15-May-1943 - Sunk tanker Heroux with one torpedo. Another exploded against cliff below casino at Monte Carlo. 19-May-1943 - Discovered U-boat exercise area off Toulon. Sighted 2 U-boats but was unable to attack. 21-May-1943 - Sunk U-303 southbound from Toulon. 18-July-1943 - Sunk tug Constante Neri. 19-Jul-1943 - Boarded schooner Angiola Marie C off La Spezia whose crew had abandoned ship on seeing Sickle's periscope. Removed valuable items and then sunk her with charges. 21-Jul-1943 - Damaged Italian AMC and destroyer escort off Elbe. 19-Nov-1943 - Sunk Giovanni Boccacio, 3150 tons. 4-Jun-1944 - Attacked Mitylene harbour and was counter-attacked by two patrol craft. One crew member lost overboard - AB Blake - later picked up and taken prisoner. AB DJ Mackay injured and taken below, but later died of his injuries. 6-Jun-1944 - Sunk German m/v Reamur in the Doro Channel with two torpedoes. 12 June signalled that she had spotted a convoy in the approach to Steno Pass. 14-June was ordered to return from her patrol but was not heard of again. Presumed sunk by mine in the Antikithera Channel. No survivors. Last British boat lost in the Med.


Sidon S3 P259 48 01_Sep_44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 16_Jun_55 Sunk (not war)
Eastern Fleet. At 0825 on 16-Jun-55, Sidon (Lt. H.T. Verry) was lying alongside the depot ship Maidstone at Portland when one of her torpedoes exploded. The torpedoes had no warheads, but did have the new volatile hydrogen peroxide propellant. The crew had just embarked the torpedoes before going to sea for trial firings. A sudden uprush of air and smoke poured through the conning tower hatch. Her captain and others who were on the bridge, and others from Maidstone, entered the boat to assist rescue operations. At 0845 the submarine sank without warning by the bows. There were 56 men onboard at the time - crew, trainees and trials personnel for the trip. Three officers and ten ratings lost their lives but the remainder were saved. The wreck was raised on 23-Jun-55 and beached the next day. The 13 bodies were recovered on 25-Jun-55. A/S target 6/57. Lies a few miles West of Portland intact and upright. Another explosion of the hydrogen-peroxide torpedo at Arrochar torpedo range caused the development of the Mk12 torpedo to be cancelled.


Simoom S3 P225 48
Cammell Laird 19-Nov-43 War Loss
Originally named P75. Lt. G.D.N. Milner. Sunk Italian destroyer Gioberti off Spezia northwest Italy, 9 Aug 1943. Sunk in Med. Sailed from Port Said, Egypt on the 2nd November 43 for the Aegean and arrived off the Dardanelles on 6th. Failed to answer signal on 19th, presumed mined and paid off on that date. Germans claimed sunk by U.565 off Kos island - German radio broadcasts stated that a submarine had been destroyed in the Aegean and that several of the crew had been rescued. It was unlikely that this was Simoom, as it would have put her miles out of position. None of the claimed survivors stated that they were from Simoom. It is more likely that the submarine struck a mine or was lost through an accident.

Sirdar S3 P226 48 01-Mar-43 Scotts, Greenock 01-May-65 Scrap
Completed by VA Barrow (Scotts yard bombed). Lt Cdr Peter Piper DSO DSC&Bar (ex Unsparing) fm Aug 45. 1959 used in experiments at Rosyth by Naval Construction Research Establishment. Broken up at Boness.


Sleuth S3 P261 48 01-Jul-44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Sep-58 Scrap
Assisted Solent in sinking Japanese Special Minesweeper No.3 in Java Sea 26-Apr-45. Streamlined '46 Converted to high-speed target-vessel - see Seraph. 13/6/52: collided with the destroyer HMS Zephyr in heavy fog while leaving Portsmouth harbour, U.K. The Zephyr suffers flooding in one of its magazines. Broken up Charlestown.


Snapper S2 39S, N39 39 14-Jun-35 HMDY Chatham 12-Feb-41 War Loss
Portsmouth 1935, Med 36-39. Home 1939. 12-Apr-40. Sank Moonsund by gunfire in the Skagerrak. 14-Apr-40. Sank the minesweepers, Behrens and C Jansen in the Kattegat, and possibly damaged a merchant vessel of 7,500 tons in the Skagerrak. 3-Jul-40. Sank the merchant ship Cygnus, 1,300 tons. 29-Jan-41. Sailed from the Clyde on her thirteenth patrol to an area off Ushant, Bay of Biscay, commanded for the first time by Lt Prowse, in lieu of Lt Commander King DSO, her usual CO, who was in hospital. Left her escort at Land's End, but not heard from again and failed to rendezvous on 12-Feb. Possibly went down in German minefield, though a submarine attacked the German minesweepers M2, M13 and M25 on the night of the 10/11th Feb in the area where she might have been, and was subjected to a counter-attack in which 56 depth charges were dropped. She did not return to base - no signals were acknowledged after this date. This attack is the most likely cause of her loss. There were no survivors.


Solent S3 P262 48 01-Jun-44 Cammell_Laird Birkenhead 01-Aug-61 Scrap
Assisted Sleuth in sinking of Japanese Special Minesweeper No.3 in Java Sea, 26-Apr-45. Converted to high speed target-vessel (45-46?). See Seraph.


Spark S3 P236 48 01-Dec-43 Scotts, Greenock 28-Oct-49 Scrap
Towed XE1 from Brunei to Singapore to attack the cruisers Takao and Myoko. Scrapped at Faslane.


Spearfish S2 69S 39 11-Dec-36 Cammell Laird 01-Aug-40 War Loss
Lt. J.H. Eaden 1939 - More details. Lt.Cdr. J.H. Forbes. Torpedoed Battleship Lützow 4/40 - put it OOA for year. Lost 1/8/40, east of Scotland in North Sea (c 58-00'N, 1-00'E) - by 1 torpedo from German U.34. On patrol between Scotland and Norway.


Spirit S3 P235 48 01-Jul-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jul-50 Scrap
Lt. A.W. Langridge. Eastern Fleet. Scrapped at Grays, Essex.


Spiteful S3 P227 48 06-Oct-43 Scotts, Greenock 01-Jul-63 Scrap
Originally P77. Commanded by a Canadian, Lt.Cdr. "Freddy" Sherwood, DSC*, RCNVR, - the first VR to be given a command in WW2 (slightly pre-dating Edward Young of Storm) - from the time she was built until she was loaned to the French. Sherwood was also Ben Bryant's 1st Lt. in both Sealion and Safari. 3rd Flotilla, HMS Forth, Holy Loch for Work-Up. First war patrol to North Atlantic29-Dec-43 to 12-Jan-44. Returned to Lerwick, Shetlands, replaced battery and repaired 'singing' screw. Sailed for Ceylon, arrived April 44. 8th Flotilla, HMS Maidstone. Made two patrols then transitted to Fremantle. Made three further patrols, totalling 109 days at sea, with little luck. Returned to UK April 1945 for refit. (Ack. Dave Perkins) Loaned to France as Sirene 52-58.


Splendid S3 P228 48 01-Jan-42 HMDY Chatham 21-Apr-43 War Loss
Originally P78. Lt I McGeoch (later FOSM). First British SM with Oerlikon AA gun. Oct-42. Arrived Gibraltar. Nov-42: On Patrol in the area of Toulon. Made unsuccessful attacks on a U boat and a schooner. Dec-42: Attacked and sank the MV Sant Antioco, 5,048 tons while on passage to Algiers. Jan-43: Landed agents in Corsica and later attacked and sank the steamer Emma. Feb-43: Sank two ships, one being the 4,800 ton XXI Aprile off Cape St Vito. Attacked but missed two ships the following day. 17-Mar-43, sank the tanker Devoli, 3,177 tons, off Palermo, and on 21st the tanker Georgio, 4,887 tons. 21-Apr-43: South of Capri, Tyrrhenian Sea (c 40-30'N, 14-15'E) - Depth charged by the German destroyer Hermes and forced to the surface. The crew scuttled the boat and five Officers and 25 Ratings were picked up by the destroyer. 18 men lost. Some casualties were caused by gunfire from the Hermes. Sunk 38,771 tons including Italian DD Aviere, north of Bizerta, and Italian Ammo ship Santa Antiocha, plus a 10,000-ton tanker.See details.


Sportsman S3 P229 48 17-Apr-42 HMDY Chatham 23-Sep-52 Sunk (not war)
Originally P79. Transferred to French Navy and renamed Sybille 1951. 23-Sep-52 disappeared in the Mediterranean 38 miles east of Toulon. Diving between Cannes and the island of Porquerolles. Cause of the loss, which cost 47 lives, still unknown (mid- 1980s).


Springer S3 P264 48 2-Aug-45 Cammell Laird 1958 Sold
Transferred to Israeli Navy and renamed Tanin 1958.


Spur S3
48 17-Nov-44 Cammell Laird 1969 Scrap
Lt. P.S. Beale. Eastern Fleet in 1945. Transferred to Portuguese Navy and renamed Narval 1948. Decommissioned 1969.


Starfish S1 19S, N19 36 27-Oct-33 HMDY Chatham 09-Jan-40 War Loss
Lt. T.A. Turner. Sailed from Blyth 5-Jan-40. Attacked German minesweeper 9-Jan-1940, off German North Sea coast in Heligoland Bight - attack failed due to communication problem. Returned to PD for second attack but struck by depth charges from German minesweeper M.7. Sat on bottom until 1815, then returned to the surface, confidential documents destroyed and s/m scuttled. Ship's company picked up by the waiting ships and taken as POWs.


Statesman S3 P246, N22 48 01-Sep-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jan-61 Scrap
Lt. R.G.P. Bulkeley(?). Damaged or sunk 44 vessels in 9 patrols in FE (fm Trincomalee/Fremantle). Streamlined 44-45(?) see Seraph. Loan France as Sultane 52-59.


Sterlet S2 22S, N22 39 6-Apr-38 HMDY Chatham 18-Apr-40 War Loss
Portsmouth 1937-40. Lt.Cdr. G.H.S. Haward. On patrol during German invasion of Norway, attacked convoy of three vessels 12 Apr 40, missed. Torpedoed gunnery training ship Brummer. 18 Apr 40, sunk in Kattegat/Skagerrak, by AS vessels 18-Apr-40. (c 58-00'N, 11-00'E) - by depth charges from German anti-submarine trawlers UJ-1124, UJ-126, UJ-127.


Stoic S3 P231 48 01-Apr-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jul-50 Scrap
Sank Japanese merchant Shoel Maru in Sunda Strait 10-Dec-44. Deep diving trials 1948, Kyle, Scotland, boat lowered to crush depth. (532ft)(riveted boat). Supreme and Varne were used for similar tests.


Stonehenge S3 P232 48 15-Jun-43 Cammell Laird 22-Mar-44 War Loss
(Lt Cdr Verschoyle-Campbell+), February/March 1944, South East Asia, Nicobar Islands area - 'overdue, presumed lost'. Sailed from Trincomalee, Ceylon and arrived in patrol area between northern Sumatra and Nicobar Islands on 25th February. Overdue on 20th March, cause of loss unknown; lost with all hands. See also recent research by Lesley Hanan


Storm S3 P233 48 01-May-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Sep-49 Scrap
Lt Cdr E Young DSO DSC RNVR, author of 'One of our Submarines'. (First Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) officer to command a submarine). Far East 1944-45. Scrapped at Troon.


Stratagem S3 P234 48 9-Oct-43 Cammell Laird 22-Nov-44 War Loss
(Occasionally referred to as Strategem.) Lt Cdr CR Pelly RN. Sailed Trincomalee, Ceylon, 10-Nov-44 for patrol in vicinity of Malacca. Sunk tanker Nichinan Maru on 18-Nov in Malacca Straits. Lost 22-Nov-1944, off SW Malaya in Malacca Straits - by depth charges of Japanese destroyer, after being detected by aircraft. Bow struck bottom and began flooding. Unable to shut watertight door. Crew scuttled boat. Some ten men taken prisoner, of which only three survived captivity. Further reference.


Strongbow S3 P235 48 01-Aug-43 Scotts, Greenock 01-Apr-46 Scrap
Lt J A Troup. Eastern Fleet from 8/44. Sank Japanese cargo ships Toso Maru No.1 west of Siam on 2-Sep-44 and Manryo Maru in Malacca Strait 12-Oct-44. Detected on the surface, possibly from radar transmissions, off Port Swettenham, Malaya 13/1/45. Escorts arrived to attack. Boat made successful escape but sustained such depth charge damage that she was rendered unfit for further service. Laid up at Falmouth 6/45. Scrap Preston 4/46.


Stubborn S3 P238 48 20-Feb-43 Cammell Laird 30-Apr-46 Target
Lt AA Duff (later Sir Anthony, GCMG, CVO, DSO, DSC, having a distinguished career in the British Foreign Office - Ambassador to Nepal, High Commissioner to Malaysia and to Kenya, Deputy Under Sec of State 75-8, Deputy Sec Cabinet Office 80-85 - died 13/8/2000). One of the towing submarines used in the midget raid on Tirpitz, Kå Fjord, Norway, Sept 1943. Towed X7 (Lt BCG Place VC) outbound - a floating mine was kicked away by Lt Place en route! After waiting off Kå Fjord for five days, X10 (Lt KR Hudspeth RANVR) found her and took a tow homeward, though X10 was later scuttled in a gale. - See Tirpitz raid details. Attacked a convoy 13/2/44 off Trondheim, Norway, and severely depth-charged. After hydroplane jammed to dive and the boat dived to 400' before shooting to the surface, in sight of the enemy and diving again, this time to 540'+ (200' more than test depth). The boat survived the depth-charge attack and surfaced more than seven hours later with an estimated bow-up angle of 60-70 degrees. Despite damaged ballast tanks, destroyed ASDIC and broken rudder, she managed to make her way home. Home Fleet mobilized to bring her home. Proceeded to Scapa Flow. Joined Eastern Fleet - Sank Japanese patrol boat No.2, off Surabaya in the Java Sea 25-Jul-45. Sunk as A/S target off Malta.


Sturdy S3 P248 48 01-Sep-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-May-58 Scrap
Had extra external torpedo tube. Sank 30+ Jap small craft. (Sir) John Harvey-Jones 3rd Hand. Palembang 24/1/45. 9/7/55: suffers an explosion. Discarded Malta '57. Broken up on Tyne.


Sturgeon S1 73S 36 01_Jan_32 HMDY Chatham 01_Jan_47 Scrap
1933-1939 6th Flotilla except for a short period in the 3rd Flotilla and a brief stay at Gibraltar in 1935-36. Aug 1939 - Oct 1939 2nd Flotilla. Damaged in air attack Sep 39. In a similar occurence to the loss of Oxley, Sturgeon fired three torpedoes at Swordfish but missed, 14 Sep 39. Nov 1939 6th Flotilla patrolling from Blyth. Lt. G.D.A. Gregory, DSO. Sunk German A/S trawler V209 in Heligoland Bight, 20 Nov 1939, then a 3,355-ton German transport off Denmark. April 1941 5th Flotilla at Portsmouth. January 1942 3rd Flotilla based on the Clyde. Nov 1942 detached to Mediterranean. April 1943 returned to UK for refit, during which she was transferred to the Netherlands Navy and renamed Zeehond. Sep 1945 returned to RN at Dundee. 1947 Scrapped at Granton. Picture.

Stygian S3 P249 48 01-Nov-43 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Oct-49 Scrap
Sank Japanese Special Minesweeper No.104 in Java Sea on 13-Apr-45. Extra external torpedo tube. (13) Towing submarine for XE3's successful attack on Japanese Cruiser Takao at Singapore. See details.


Subtle S3 P251 48 01-Jan-44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jun-59 Scrap
Lt. B.J.B. Andrew DSC. Eastern Fleet 1945. Extra external torpedo tube (13). Picture.


Sunfish S2 81S, N81 48 2-Jul-37 HMDY Chatham 18-Apr-40 War Loss
Portsmouth 1937-39, North Sea 39-41. 19 Feb 40 fired four torpedoes at U-14 - missed. Sank four merchant ships from seven attacks in one patrol 1940. (Lt.Cdr. J.E. Slaughter). Sank one ship out of convoy off Norway 5 Dec 40. Damaged by near-miss from 500lb bomb in the Tyne 2 ct 41. Repaired Portsmouth 42-43. Training at Rothesay 43-44. Transferred to Soviet Navy as V1. Bombed in error by RAF Coastal Command Liberator off Norway, during passage from Dundee to Murmansk, 27-Jul-44. The boat was out-of-area and diving when seeing the aircraft, instead of staying on the surface and firing recognition signals as instructed. Captain was Russian - Capt 2nd Class Fisanovic. All crew and British liaison staff lost.


Supreme S3 P252 48 01-Feb-44 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Jul-50 Scrap
Deep diving tests, lowered to crush depth off Scotland June 1949. (Crushed at 647ft)(welded boat)(See 'Stoic'). Scrapped at Troon.


Surf S3 P239 48 01-Dec-42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Oct-49 Scrap
Originally P89. Scrapped at Faslane.


Swordfish S1 61S, N61 36 10-Nov-31 HMDY Chatham 16-Nov-40 War Loss
Lt Cecil Crouch 1939, Lt J Cowell 7 Apr 1940. April 40 joined 6th Flotilla, Blyth. 26 July 1940, attacks and sinks German torpedo boat Luchs, escorting the damaged Gneisenau, (previously hit by Clyde). 1 Oct 40 attacked four destroyers off Cape Barfleur without success. Attacked an 8 ship convoy Oct 40, claimed one hit. Sailed Portsmouth 7 Nov 40 for Brest patrol, commanded by Lt. M.A. Langley DSC. Failed to signal back on 15th and 16th, and not heard from again. At the time she was declared 'overdue, presumed lost' and believed sunk in the Bay of Biscay either on mines or at the hands of German destroyers. Her wreck was discovered in July 1983 a few miles south of St Catherine's Point off the Isle of Wight. She had been mined with the loss of all hands, probably on the day she left.


Syrtis S3 P241 48 23-Apr-43 Cammell Laird 28-Mar-44 War Loss
Lt M.H. Jupp - Towing submarine for midget raid on Tirpitz, Kå Fjord, Norway, September 1943. 7-Feb-44 towing X22 in gale force seas, her officer of the watch was washed overboard. Boat turned around in a rescue attempt and collided with X22, sinking her with the loss of the four crew. Left Lerwick on 16 Mar 44 for patrol off Norwegian coast. On 20 Mar she was ordered to an area near Bodø, northern Norway in Norwegian Sea - by German mines. Sank small ship Narvik by gunfire on 22-March and later lost in flanking minefields.


Tabard T3 P342, S42 61 21_Nov_45 Scotts, Greenock 01_Mar_74 Scrap
Too late for war. Reconstructed 53-55 - lengthened by 20 feet. Very streamlined, and quiet, with large fin incorporating bridge, recording over 18 knots dived. 4thSM Sydney 60-66. In collision with HMAS Queenborough 8.5.63, off Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia, during exercises. The submarine suffers superficial damage and a bent fin and returns to Sydney. Static training boat at Dolphin 1969-74, until replaced by Alliance. Picture.


Taciturn T3 P334, later S34 61 07-Jun-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-71 Scrap
Operated in the Atlantic before transfer to Pacific Fleet. Converted and streamlined 1950-51. 1951 3rd SM Flotilla, 20-Sep-57: collided with a merchant ship during exercises off Brighton, U.K., in the English Channel. No damage is reported. 1960 2nd SM Flotilla at Portsmouth. Late 1962 to Australian waters. 22-Aug-66 left Sydney to return UK. 8-Aug-71 arrived Briton Ferry for breaking up.


Tactician T3 P314 61 01-Jun-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Dec-63 Scrap
Lt Cdr Collet.


Taku T1 38T 56 01-May-39 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 01-Nov-46 Scrap
Lt A Pitt. Broken up at Llanelly.


Talent (i) T3 P322 61 01-Jul-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jul-63 Scrap
Transferred to Netherlands 1943 as Zwaardvisch, then Zwaardvis, 1944. Scrapped Antwerp.


Talent (iii) T3 P337 61 01-Feb-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-70 Scrap
Originally Tasman. Gravity test for Royal Society 4/50, laying the foundations for the Ships Inertial Navigation System (SINS) used in later nuclear boats. 15-Dec-54 swept out of drydock Chatham, 4 lost. Reconstructed '55. Damaged in collision while dived off Isle of Wight, 8-May-56. Visited by 33,000 people during a month-long publicity trip around the south and east coasts of England, October 1960. Paid off 1966. Broken up Troon.


Talisman T1 78T 56 29-Jun-40 Cammell Laird 18-Sep-42 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. M. Willmott. Left Gibraltar on 10-Sep-1942 with stores for Malta. Reported U-boat off Philippeville, Algeria on 15th, but not heard from again. Presumed lost on Italian mines in Strait of Sicily on 17th. Also claimed sunk by surface ships off Marittimo island, west of Sicily; lost with all hands.


Tally-Ho T3 P317, P97 61 01-Dec-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-67 Scrap
Lt.Cdr, later Cdr., L.W.A. Bennington DSO DSC (previously of Parthian) Sank Japanese light cruiser Kuma off Penang 11 Jan 44. Torpedoed and sank German SM UIT23 (ex-Italian Reginaldo Guiliano) 14 Feb 44. On 24-Feb-44 came together with Japanese escort, after being caught on surface charging battery. Returned to Colombo for repairs. Details. Sank Japanese S/M Chaser No.5 in Malacca Strait on 6-Oct-44 and Japanese 'Special Minelayer No.4' on 20-Nov-44 off Nicobar Islands. First T Class to make Atlantic crossing submerged. Broken up at Briton Ferry 1967.


Tantalus T3 P318, P98 61 01-Feb-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Nov-50 Scrap
(Lt.Cdr. Hugh 'Rufus' Mackenzie). Sank Japanese merchant Hachijin Maru, 1,918 tons in South China Sea on 2-Nov-44. Carried out the longest patrol by a British s/m in WW2 - 55 days from 3-Jan-45 to 26-Feb-45, covering 11,692 miles. AirSea Rescue SM, Palembang 24-Jan-45. CO requested 10 day extension and then on 11 Feb sighted Japanese battleships Ise and Hyuga trying to escape back to Japan. Tried to get ahead of them but Tantalus was unable to attack as she was bombed by air escort and forced deep. Broken up at Milford Haven.


Tantivy T3 P319 61 6-Apr-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1951 Target
Sank Japanese merchant Shiretoko Maru, 1,799 tons, in Sunda Strait 5-Sep-44. Sunk as an anti-submarine target in the Cromarty Firth.


Tapir T3 P335, later S35 61 01-Aug-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-66 Scrap
Lt J Roxburgh.(later FOSM). Sank German s/m U486 off Bergen, Norway, 12-Apr-45. Loaned RNLN 48-53, commissioned as Zeehond. Returned to UK for modernisation to 'streamlined T'. Feb 1968 Broken up at Faslane.


Tarn T3 P336 61 01-Aug-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-66 Scrap
Sold to RNLN 1945. Commissioned as Tijgerhaai. 1966 Broken up.


Tarpon T1 17T 56 8-Mar-40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 14-Apr-40 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. H.J. Caldwell. Left Portsmouth for Rosyth 5-Apr-40, in company with HMS/M Severn. Diverted to patrol around Norway on 6th. Attacked Q-ship Schiff40 10-Apr, but missed with two torpedoes. Schiff40, assisted by German M'Swpr M6, dropped depth charges for about four hours.


Taurus T3 P339, P93, P313 61 01-Jun-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-60 Scrap
Originally P313 but crew mutinied! (unlucky 13). Sunk Jap s/m I-34 and a sub-chaser off Penang, 13/11/43 - See Details. Loaned RNLN 48-53, named Dolfijn. 8-Dec-53 returned to RN. April 1960 Sold to Clayton and Davie Ltd and arrived Dunston-on-Tyne to be broken up.


Telemachus T3 P321 61 01-Jun-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-61 Scrap
Commander W.D.A. (Bill) King, DSO DSC RN. Eastern Fleet from Feb 1944. Sunk Japanese s/m I-166 in Malacca Strait 17-Jul-1944. Reinforced British agents in Malaya, Oct-44. 10 yrs with 4th SM Sqn, Australia. Returned Gosport 9 Dec 59. Given to the Naval Construction Research Establishment at Rosyth for trials. Broken up Aug 1961 at Charlestown, Fife.


Tempest T2 N86 61 6-Dec-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 13-Feb-42 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. W. Cavaye. Sunk in Med - Gulf of Taranto, in Ionian Sea (c 39-15'N, 17-45'E) - by depth charges and gunfire of Italian torpedo boat Circe. Located by anti-submarine patrol after torpedoing supply ship. Tempest sailed from Malta on the night of 10-Feb-42 to patrol the Gulf of Taranto. On the evening of the 11th Tempest was signalled that the Italians were aware of a submarine in her vicinity and that it should be assumed that her patrol had been compromised. At 0302 on the 13th the Italian destroyer Circe sighted the submarine on the surface. Tempest had also seen the destroyer and began to dive. Circe moved in to attack and at 0332 began depth charging the area. At 0716 Circe began a second attack resulting in oil being seen on the surface. At 0945 Tempest returned to the surface to be met with gunfire from the Circe. The order was given to abandon the submarine, the crew being picked-up by the destroyer. The Italians attempted to board the abandoned vessel but were held back by rough seas. By 1300 the submarine had settled in the water and the demolition charges set by the Tempest’s crew had failed. With boarding of the submarine impossible due to bad weather, the Italian destroyer opened fire and although more than a dozen direct hits were recorded the submarine refused to sink. Finally the Italians attempted to take the submarine in tow. Two members of the destroyer’s crew boarded the submarine and prepared the tow. As Circe manoeuvred to take up the tow Tempest suddenly started to sink forcing those onboard to jump into the sea. Tempest went down stern first with the bows disappearing vertically. Telegraphist Bob Appleton survives, and lives in Australia, a spritely 85, in 2007. (mk). See also


Templar T3 P316, P96 61 01-Oct-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jul-59 Scrap
Lt. D.J.B. Beckley. 25 Jan 1944 damaged Japanese light cruiser Kitakami, off Penang, Malacca Strait. Sunk as Target in Loch Striven, Scotland,1954. Salvaged 4-Dec-58 . 19-July-59 arrived Troon to be broken up.


Teredo T3 P338, S38 61 01-Apr-45 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 05-Jun-65 Scrap
Broken up at Briton Ferry.


Terrapin T3 P323 61 22-Nov-44 Vickers Armstrong 1945 War Loss
Assisted Trenchant in sinking of Japanese S/M Chaser No.5 in Malacca Strait, 4-Mar-45. Damaged 19-May-45, west of Batavia, Java in Java Sea - by depth charges of Japanese escort vessels. Attacking escorted tanker. Escaped and returned to Fremantle, shepherded by US s/m Cavalla. Not repaired.


Tetrarch T1 77T 56 15-Feb-40 Vickers Armstrong 27-Oct-41 War Loss
LtCdr RG Mills. Forced deep 43 hrs 4/40. (see details). Lt.Cdr. J.H. Greenway. Sailed from Malta 26-Oct-41 for refit in Britain, via Gibraltar. Failed to arrive in Gibraltar on 2nd November. Presumed lost on Italian mines in Strait of Sicily 27-Oct, off Capo Granditola, Sicily. Lost with all hands.


Thames River 71F 60 26-Jan-32 Vickers_Armstrong Barrow 3-Aug-40 War Loss
Portsmouth 1932-34, sent to Baltic 1933 to test capacity to work in ice-covered areas. Med 34-39, completed journey around Africa Winter 38-39. Lt.Cdr. W.D. Dunkerley. Sailed Dundee on first war patrol on 22-July-40. 26/7/40 Torpedoed and sunk German Torpedo boat Luchs W of Skagerrak. Luchs was part of screen for the Gneisenau and Nurnberg, which is believed to have been Thames' original target, and Luchs manoeuvred between the s/m and the battle cruiser just as the former fired her torpedoes. There remains a possibility that Thames was damaged due to her resulting unexpected proximity with Luchs. Failed to return on 3-Aug-40. May also have gone down 23-Jul-40 in newly-laid German minefield at approximately 57N, 3E; Thames achieved 22.5kts on trials.


Thermopylae T3 P355, later S55 61 27-Jun-45 HMDY Chatham 3-Jul-70 Scrap
Too late for war. 1951-52 reconstructed and streamlined. 63-64 based Malta. Scuttled in Loch Striven, Scotland, and raised as a training exercise for salvage craft. Afterwards beached in Kames Bay. Arrived at Troon, under tow, 3 July 1970.


Thistle T1 24T 56 4-Jul-39 Vickers Armstrong 10-Apr-40 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. W.F. Haselfoot RN. In the belief that a German invasion of Norway was imminent, Flag Officer Submarines ordered Thistle to Stavanger with orders to sink any enemy vessel that she may spot in the harbour. On 10-April Thistle signalled her intentions in complying with this order and that she had two torpedoes remaining after an unsuccessful attack on a U-boat. With this in mind the Admiralty changed her orders to patrol off Skudenes. No further contact was made with the Thistle. It was later discovered that U4, the U-boat Thistle had previously attacked, had sighted the submarine on the surface and sunk her with torpedoes.


Thorn T2 N11 61 26-Aug-41 Cammell Laird 14-Aug-42 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. R.G. Norfolk. Sunk Italian s/m Medusa 30-Jan-1942 in Gulf of Venice. Attacked a tanker off suthwest Crete 6-Aug-42. On the 14th April encountered the Italian torpedo boat, Pegaso, escorting the steamer/tanker Istria 30 miles from Gavdos(Gaudhos) Island off SW Crete. At 1230 an escorting aircraft was seen to machine-gun the surface of the sea and Pegaso moved in to investigate. Four minutes after the aircraft attack, Pegaso picked up a contact and carried out seven attacks after which cantact was lost. There is also a possibility that she was later lost on mines off Tobruk, Libya. Picture.


Thorough T3 P324 61 01-Oct-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 29-Jun-61 Scrap
Sank Japanese merchant Nittei Maru on 25-May-45 in Java Sea. 10/11/51 damaged in a collision. First submarine to circumnavigate the globe, returning to Gosport 16 Dec 57. Broken up at Dunston on Tyne.


Thrasher T2 N37 61 01_Nov_40 Cammell_Laird Birkenhead 01_Mar_47 Scrap
2xVCs (Bomb removal) Lt PS Roberts, PO TW Gould 13/14/Jan 1942 (Details here). Towing submarine for midget raid on Tirpitz, Kå fjord, Norway, September 1943. Eastern Fleet 44-45 (Lt.Cdr. Ainslie DSO DSC.)


Thule T3 P320, S25 61 01-Oct-42 HMDY Devonport 14-Sep-62 Scrap
Lt.Cdr. Alastair Mars, DSO, DSC*. (Author of book 'Thule Intercepts' and others) Conducted air-conditioning trials in Kilbrennan Sound 1944, then proceeded to Trincomalee. Operated mainly in Malacca Strait, sinking many sampans and junks. Dec-44 Sunk a Japanese RO-100 class submarine. Feb-45 reinforced military personnel and equipment at point just North of Singapore. Returned May-45. Operated from May 45 from Fremantle where she was holed by Stubborn when berthing alongside. Returned Chatham, UK, Dec 45. After refit, including streamlining, commissioned into 5th Flotilla at Portsmouth, then Portland. On Nov 18 1960 was damaged around her fore-ends when, during exercises in the channel, she surfaced under the RFA Black Ranger - reportedly signalling to the tanker when safely on the surface "Thules rush in where Rangers fear to tread!". Broken up at Inverkeithing.


Thunderbolt (ex-Thetis) T3 11T 61 01_Oct_42 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 14_Mar_43 War Loss
Lt Cdr Cecil Crouch. Sank Italian s/m Capitano Tarantini, Bay of Biscay 15/12/40. At 2210 on Friday 12-March-1942 the Italian merchant ship Esterel was torpedoed two miles north of Capo San Vito. Following the attack the torpedo boat Libra was ordered to seek out the submarine responsible - Thunderbolt. The Libra made contact with the Thunderbolt that night and carried out seven depth charge attacks with no result. On Sunday 14-March the Italian corvette Cicogna obtained a contact and shortly after 0734 a periscope was sighted 2000 yards off the corvette’s bow. At 0845 the periscope was again sighted, this time less than 10 feet away. Depth charges were launched at once and the corvette increased its speed and turned for another attack when an explosion lifted the submarine’s stern out of the sea at an angle of 90 degrees. The submarine sank through a discharge of air and oil. A further two depth charges were dropped resulting in air bubbles, oil and smoke appearing on the surface where the submarine had sunk. The Cicogna remained on station for an hour but no further contact was made. (c 38-15'N, 15-15'E). Image below Thetis on Mersey by Seacombe Ferry.


Tigris T1 63T 56 20-Jun-40 HMDY Chatham 27-Feb-43 War Loss
(Lt Cdr George Colvin+) Sunk Italian s/m Porfido north of Bone, Mediterranean, 6-Dec-1942. February/March 1943, left Malta on 18-Feb-43 to patrol SW of Naples. May have been sighted off Capri on 24-Feb. Failed to return to Algiers on the 10th. Italian aircraft reported probable mine explosion off the Gulf of Tunis on the 10th that could have been Tigris returning from patrol. Germans claim she was sunk by submarine chaser UJ.2210 on the 27th February; lost with all hands. Picture.


Tiptoe T3 P332 61 01-Feb-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-71 Scrap
Named by Churchill! Sank Japanese merchant Tobi Maru in Java Sea 1-Jun-45. Escape trials '62 - series of trials off Malta into escape from a submarine at extreme depths - seven men ascended from Tiptoe at 260 feet. 10/1/64: runs aground in the Clyde, coincidentally right in front of the house of the area's senior naval officer. Damaged in Collision with HMS Yarmouth 13 July 1965 - at periscope depth 10 miles SE of Portland Bill. Repaired at Cammell Laird. Starred in the film "We Dive at Dawn", co-starring John Mills. Last T class in sea service. Her anchor is at Blyth, commemorating Blyth's links with submarines. Scrapped (finally) by Pounds, Portsmouth 1979. Picture.


Tireless T3 P327, later S77 61 01-Mar-43 HMDY Portsmouth 01-Nov-48 Scrap
Completed April 1945, no war action. 1949 1st SM Flotilla, Mediterranean. 1950 modernised and streamlined. Broken up at Newport. Picture.


Token T3 P328, later S28 61 19-Mar-43 HMDY Portsmouth 1970 Scrap
Not completed until after war (Dec '45). 1955-56 modernised and streamlined. In 1967, towed Danish merchant ship Upnor clear of Dubh Artack reef off west coast of Scotland. After 12 hours, Token handed over to tug Labrador. Last dive at Portland 8-Sep-67. Sold to Portsmouth shipbreakers 1970.


Torbay T1 N79/79T 56 01-Apr-40 HMDY Chatham 01-Dec-45 Scrap
Cdr Tony Miers VC DSO. Exploits of first commission recorded in the book Submarine Torbay by Paul Chapman (1st Lt). 5 July 1941 sank Italian s/m Jantina in Aegean Sea. Also sank Italian s/m Argonauta and much more. See details. Later in Eastern Fleet (Lt.Cdr. C.P. Norman DSO)


Totem T3 P352, S52 61 01-Sep-43 HMDY Devonport 01-Jan-68 Loss (not war)
January 45, went straight to Pacific Fleet. Rebuilt 52-53 with streamlining and conversion, with additional 12 feet. Sold Israel 1964, refitted 1965-66, renamed Dakar. Lost on passage, 26-Jan-68, all hands lost. (Without its Totem pole, a souvenir presented by a Canadian Indian tribe - the pole is now in the RN Submarine Museum). Rediscovered 1999 between Crete and Cyprus.


Tradewind T3 P329 61 01-Dec-42 HMDY Chatham 01-Dec-55 Scrap
Successful in Far East. Sank Japanese merchant Junyo Maru, 5,065 tons west of Sumatra, 18-Sep-44. The Junyo Maru, built in Glasgow by the shipbuilders, Robert Duncan & Co., was en route from Java to Sumatra. On board were 1,377 Dutch, 64 British and Australian Prisoners of War and a few dozen American merchant seamen. Also on board were 4,200 Javanese slave labourers bound for work on the 220 km. long railway line being built between Pakan Baru and Muaro in Sumatra. The death toll amounted to 5,620 dead, the world's greatest sea disaster at that time. A total of 723 survivors were rescued by Japanese ships, only to be employed on the building of the railway. Many did not survive the war. Of the 100+ Dutch survivors, 10 died on the railway. The submarine commander could not have known that the ship carried such a cargo. Sank Nanshin Maru in China Sea, 11-Feb-45 and tanker Takasago Maru in China Sea 29-Apr-45. Also laid mines which claimed merchant Kyokku Maru of Mergui, 1-Jan-45. Converted to acoustic trials submarine. All armament removed or blanked off with the exception of two torpedo tubes. Given a reduced and faired bridge structure. British ASDIC suite replaced by German BALKON passive hydrophone in the keel, and a Nieblung transducer in a fairing fwd of conning tower. Broken up at Charlestown, Fife.


Traveller T2 N48 61
unknown 4-Dec-42 War Loss
Sunk, presumably mined, in Gulf of Taranto. Left Malta 28/11/42 for Gulf of Taranto patrol, including reconnoitre of Taranto harbour for Chariot human torpedo attack (Operation Portcullis). Overdue on 8th December and presumed lost on Italian mines possibly on the 4/12/42 in her patrol area. Went down with all hands.


Trenchant T3 P331 61 24-Mar-43 HMDY Chatham 01-Jul-63 Scrap
Cdr AR Hezlet DSO DSC. Sank U859 off Penang 23/9/44. Assisted Terrapin in sinking of S/M Chaser No.5 in Malacca Strait 4-Mar-45. Sank Jap cruiser Ashigara, Banka Strait '8/6/45, hit with five (Mk8) torpedoes but needed another two to finish her off. (See details), sank Minesweeper No.105 in Java Sea 25-May-45. Launched Chariots for raid on Phuket Harbour on 28-Oct-44, sinking the Sumatra Maru, 4,859 tons. Laid mines 16-Sep-44 which claimed Japanese tanker Hozan Maru and merchant Nikkaku Maru, east of Sumatra, on 23-Jan-45. 14/6/50 suffers an explosion.


Trespasser T3 P312, P92 61 29-May-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Sep-61 Scrap
Operated in Far East from 1944. First submarine I boarded - at Portsmouth Navy Days (1960?). Broken up at Gateshead.


Triad T1 53T 56 16-Sep-39 Vickers Armstrong 20-Oct-40 War Loss
(R.D.C.P. Jonas DSC, Cdr. E.R.J.Oddie DSC, Lt Cdr G S Salt DSC), 14-Oct-39 to 15-Nov-39, First uneventful patrol. 18-Nov-39 to 4-Dec-39. On second patrol off The Naze, Norway, damaged a hydroplane shaft and had to be towed to Stavanger for repairs. Only 48 hours was allowed in the (then) neutral port but the work was carried out within the time and she returned to Rosyth. 16-Dec-39 to 28-Mar-40. Carried out 4 uneventful patrols in North Sea. 8-20 April 1940. Patrol area off the entrance to Oslo Fjord, during which, on the 11th she sank the merchant ship Ionia 3,012 tons in the Skagerrak, and on the 20th she sank a second ship of 4,400 tons. 27-Jun40 to 13-Jul-40. Attacked a suspected 'Q' ship, a Swedish steamer and was counter-attacked. 27-Jul to 4-Aug-40. Attacked a U-boat with gunfire without success, neither boat was able to attack the other with torpedoes. 29-Aug to 6-Sep-40. After a short refit at Dundee, joined 1st SM Flotilla at Gibraltar. 11-Sep to 2-Oct-40. Patrol area, north Tyrrhennian Sea. 9-Oct to 20-Oct-40. This patrol, which was to be her last, was off the coast of Libya and she was then to proceed to Alexandria. (Possibly) Became the first 'T' class sunk in Med 38'16N-17'37E - 'overdue, presumed lost'. Recent research suggests Triad was sunk by the gunfire of Italian submarine Enrico Toti on the 15th October rather than Rainbow as was believed for many years. It also suggests her patrol area was off the coast of Calabria in the Ionian Sea and not Libya. However, taking the original patrol areas, the more likely victim was Rainbow.


Tribune T1 76T 56 01-Dec-38 Scotts, Greenock 01-Jul-47 Scrap
Lt Cdr Peter Piper DSO DSC&Bar, (ex Unsparing). Broken up at Milford Haven.


Trident T1 52T 56 01-Dec-38 Cammell Laird Birkenhead 17-Feb-46 Scrap
Sank German U-201 in Sørøysund, Norway, 27 Sep 41. On patrol off Trondheim, Norway, Feb 1942, torpedoed and damaged German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen.(See more details). Later in Eastern Fleet (Lt. A.R. Profit DSC), from August 1943, but returned to UK for repairs after only one patrol. Broken up at Newport.


Triton T1 15T, N15 56 9-Nov-38 Vickers Armstrong 18-Dec-40 War Loss
First of T class. Accidentally sunk HMS/M Oxley off Obrestad, Norway, 10-Sep-39. Oxley did not answer identification signals and was presumed a U-boat. Lt. G.C.I.St.B. Watkins. More details. Sank German steamers Friedenau, Weibert and patrol vessel Rau in Kattegat 10 Apr 1940. Claimed the sinking of Italian 8000-ton supply vessel at anchor off Savona, not confirmed. Left Malta 28/11/40 for southern Adriatic. On 6-Dec, an SOS from Italian merchant Olimpia was intercepted. Triton set off to intercept her and may have made a successful attack, before meeting a counter-attack from Italian torpedo boats. Overdue on 18th December and probably mined in the Strait of Otranto. Italians claim she was sunk by torpedo boat Confienza on the 18th, but possibly by Italian MTB Clio. Lost with all hands.


Triumph T1 18T, N18 56 2-May-39 Vickers Armstrong 20-Jan-42 War Loss
Lt Cdr McCoy - Triumph 1939 and picture. Sank Italian s/m Salpa 27 June 1941 off Egyptian coast. 26 Aug 1941, torpedoed and damaged Italian heavy cruiser Bolzano north of Sicily. (Lt. J.S. Huddart) Sailed from Alexandria on 26 Dec 1941 to land party near Athens before patrol in the Aegean Sea. Reported making the landing on 30th, but failed to rendezvous back on 9th January. Probably lost on Italian mines off Milo island, SE of Greece with all hands.


Trooper T2 N91 61 29-Aug-42 Scotts, Greenock 17-Oct-43 War Loss
Fitted to operate 3 human torpedoes (Chariots). (Details and picture). 29-July-1943 sunk Italian submarine Pietro Micca at entrance to Adriatic - Strait of Otranto. Sailed Beirut 26-Sep-43 for patrol in the Dodecanese islands of the Aegean Sea, including the Leros area. Failed to return on 17th October and presumed lost on German mines around Leros. Germans claim that Trooper was sunk by Q-ship GA.45 off Kos island on 14-Oct-43; lost with all hands.


Truant T1 68T, N68 56 01-May-39 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 09-Dec-46 Loss (not war)
Lt Cdr CH Hutchinson. Sunk 2,139-ton ship Edmund Hugo Stinnes 23-Mar-40. Torpedoed and sank German cruiser Karlsruhe 4/40. (See details). Sank Preussen, 8,230-tons 23-May-40. Sank Sebastiano Bianchi, 1.546-tons off Calabrian coast 13-Dec-40. Refitted in USA May 41. On return passage (to Gibraltar) Truant (Lt.Cdr. H.A.V. Haggard) came across and stopped the Norwegian motor vessel Tropic Sea, heading for Bordeaux. It was discovered that the ship was under the command of a German prize crew and that it was carrying the captured survivors of the crew of the British SS Haxby which had been captured by the German auxiliary cruiser Orion in 31 30N 51 30W on 24.4.40. There were 17 killed and 24 pow, later rescued from SS Tropic Sea. The belonged to Ropner & Co Ltd, Ropner Shipping Co Ltd, launched in 1929, 5207 grt. The Tropic Sea was scuttled and the British crew, including the Haxby's Captain and his wife, (possibly the first woman to sail in a British submarine on a war patrol) were taken to Gibraltar. The German prize crew eventually reached Spain and were quickly repatriated.. 11-Dec-1941 sank the Italian torpedo boat Alcione north of Crete. Later went to the Eastern Fleet from 3-Jan-42, heading for Singapore, which fell before it reached there. Operated for a time, with Trusty, from Surabaya with Dutch and American submarines, but was forced back to Ceylon in March 1942. Sank 77,000 tons of shipping, in all theatres of war. First British s/m fitted with snort, 1945. Sank at Cherbourg on way to scrap in 1946.


Truculent T3 P315 61 01-Sep-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 12-Jan-50 Sunk (not war)

Sinks German s/m U308 north of the Faeroe Islands 4-June-1943. Towing submarine for midget raid on Tirpitz, Kå fjord, Norway, September 1943. (Lt. C.P. Bowers) Collision in Thames Estuary 12/1/50, with MV Divina. Truculent was returning to Sheerness from refit in Chatham. 57 crew swept away in current, after a premature escape attempt. 15 survivors - 10 by a boat from Divina, 5 by Dutch ship Almdijk. Salvaged 14 March 1950 - using ex-German lifting vessels Energie and Ausdauer. Beached at Cheney Spit. Wreck moved inshore following day, where 10 bodies were recovered. Re-floated 23rd and towed into Sheerness Dockyard. An inquiry attributed 75% of the blame to Truculent and 25% to Divina. The loss led to the introduction of the 'Truculent light', an extra steaming light at the after end of the fin, on British submarines. Following is added by me, Mike Kemble, from info received, see my main British subs page. Truculent was sunk at approx 51 degrees, 31 mins north, 1 degree 5 mins east which puts her in a region known as the Oaze Deep to the north of Whitstable. Admiralty Statement: "On the evening of 12th January 1950 HMS Truculent was proceeding on the surface from the submarine exercise area to Sheerness on completion of  Dockyard trials, for which a party of Chatham dockyard officers and men were also on board. The SS Divina, with a Trinity House pilot on board, was on passage from the Port of London to Ipswich and at the time of the collision, shortly after 7pm, was in the vicinity of the West Oaze Buoy, a narrow part of the Thames estuary.  for some time before the impact each vessel had the lights of the other in sight....".  The subsequent Board of Enquiry report states that: (The submarine) entered the Thames Estuary through Princes Channel, thence passing between Red Sand Sheal and Shivering Sand Fort on course 280 degrees Her speed was about 9 knots through the water. In Oaze Deep, course was altered to 261 degrees. The collision occurred with SS Divina in position one mile bearing 287 degrees from Red Sand Tower.


Trump T3 P333/S33 61 01-Mar-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-71 Scrap
No active war service. Reconstructed 1956. 4th SM, Sydney, 1961-69. Broken up Newport.


Truncheon T3 P353 61 22-Feb-44 HMDY Devonport 09-Jan-68 Sold
No active war service. Converted in 1952, additional 20 feet in length, and used the US 'JT' sonar fitted the the fwd hatch. 1968 Handed over to Israeli Navy at Gosport to replace the Dakar (ex-Totem) which had been lost at sea. Re-named Dolphin. 31-Jan-68 Arrived Israel. 1977 deleted/scrapped.


Trusty T2 N45 61 01-Mar-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-47 Scrap
Sailed from the Med 26-Dec-41 and arrived at Singapore on 31-Jan-42. Went to Surabaya at the fall of Singapore and operated with Truant and Dutch and American submarines. Forced back to Ceylon, arriving there in March 1942. (SubLt.) John Harvey-Jones (later of ICI) 4th Hand.


Tudor T3 P326 61 23-Sep-42 HMDY Devonport 01-Jul-63 Scrap
Based Far East 44-45, Trincomalee/Fremantle, carrying out 7 war patrols. 14 small craft sunk, also carried out minelaying and 'special' missions, landing agents in Malaya. 1946, made available to scientists engaged in exploring sea bed, mainly off West coast of UK. Streamlined in the 1950s. Broken up Faslane 1963.


Tuna T1 94T 56 01-May-40 Scotts, Greenock 01-Jun-46 Scrap
Launched Op Frankton (Cockleshell Heroes), Dec 42. Sank German s/m U644 northwest of Narvik 7-Apr-43.


Turbulent T2 N98 61 2-Dec-41 Vickers Armstrong 23-Mar-43 War Loss
Cdr John 'Tubby' Linton VC DSO DSC. Sank 100,000 tons in Med. More details. 29th May 1942 sinks three transports and torpedoes and sinks escorting Italian destroyer Pessagno northwest of Benghazi. Sailed from Algiers on 23-Feb-43. Attacked escorted ship Vincenz on 1-March. On 11-Mar-1943 attacked mail ship Mafalda. Lost off Maddalena, NE Sardinia in Tyrrhenian Sea - by depth charges of Italian MAS (MTB) escorts. Also possibly mined in the same area; lost with all hands. Linton's VC was not 'gazetted' until May 43.


Turpin T2 P354, S54 61 5-Aug-44 HMDY Portsmouth 1978 Scrap
For the second time in 7 years Lady Tovey, wife of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Tovey, named the Turpin. Having done it at her launch, she was also present on 17-Sep-51 at Chatham after a reconstruction. In 1958, having developed engine trouble, she was towed home from Kingston, Jamaica, by the tug Samsonia - 5200 miles in 29.5 days, the longest tow in submarine history. Arrived Devonport 9-Apr-58 and proceeded next day to Portsmouth for repairs. Turpin was the last submarine based in Malta - leaving for UK 9-Nov-64. Arrived Portsmouth 20-Nov-64 to pay off. Transferred to Israeli navy 1965, renamed as Leviathan. 1978 deleted.


Ultimatum U2 P34 33 11-Feb-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-50 Scrap
Lt P.R.H. Harrison DSO DSC. 10th SM Flotilla. Sank Italian s/m Ammiraglio Enrico Millo off Cape Stilo, Calabria, Ionian Sea, 14-Mar- 1942. Sunk German s/m U431 off Toulon, France 30-Oct-1943. Broken up at Port Glasgow 1950.


Ultor U2 P53 33 12-Oct-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-46 Scrap
For one patrol in the Med, Lieutenant George HUNT was awarded the DSO to go with his DSC and bar. Sunk Italian torpedo boat Lince in Gulf of Taranto 28-Aug-1943. Under Hunt, Ultor had a wonderful record. Sixty eight torpedoes had been fired of which thirty two were hits (47%). This was the highest proportion of hits made by any submarine Commander up to that time. The nearest approach to Hunt's figures was Ben Bryant in Safari with 45.1%. George is still patron of the Submarine Association of Australia, Queensland Branch. (Input from Derek Lilliman in Australia). Returned to Dolphin, Gosport, and after brief refit joined 6th Flotilla at Blyth. When Blyth was closed the Ultor went around to Rothesay, with the depot ship Cyclops. ASDIC training target, then reserve at Londonderry. Broken up at Briton Ferry, Jan 1946.


Umbra U2 P35 33 15-Mar-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 09-Jul-46 Scrap
Lt S.L.C. (Lynch) Maydon. and Lt. J.D. Martin as spare C.O. Sank a supply ship and a salvage tug, totalling 4,471 tons. 10th Flotilla. 23-Oct-41 sank 8,670-ton supply ship Amsterdam in Med. Attacked Italian battle fleet 15-Jun-42. Coincided with a RAF attack. Scored a hit on battleship Littorio. Saw that the cruiser Trento had stopped due to bomb damage and so finished her off with torpedoes. Sunk Italian troopship Piemonte 18-Nov-42. Broken up at Blyth.


Umpire U1 82N 33 1940 HMDY Chatham 19-Jul-41 War Loss
Sunk in collision, (Lt Mervyn Wingfield), 19-Jul-41, NW of Cromer, Norfolk (c 53-00'N, 1-00'E) - rammed in error by (or, at least, collided with) RN armed trawler Peter Hendriks. Working up and on passage - first night at sea - with northbound East Coast convoy EC.4; 22 men lost. Majority of survivors escaped from Aft Escape compartment (Engine Room) with DSEA. One of the survivors was Lt Edward Young, first RNVR officer to command a submarine. Details in his book 'One of Our Submarines' (See also Storm)


Una U1 87N 33 10-Jun-40 HMDY Chatham 11-Apr-49 Scrap
Lt D.S.R. Martin, Lt C.P. Norman. 10th SM, Malta. Sank 1 supply ship, 1 tanker, 1 schooner, totalling 15,355 tons. Carried and used an old (Boer War) 12-pounder gun. Scrapped at Llanelli 1949.


Unbeaten U1 93N, P33 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 11-Nov-42 War Loss
Lt Cdr Harrison. Lt. E.A. Woodward DSO. 10th SM, Malta. On Unbeaten's first patrol, off the coast of North Africa in May 1941, Woodward fired three torpedoes at a large passenger-type merchant vessel, escorted by an Italian destroyer. Two torpedoes exploded on the sea bottom, and Unbeaten was blown upwards and her stern broke surface. The destroyer counter-attacked with depth-charges. Each time a pump was started, the destroyer detected the sound and attacked again. At midnight Unbeaten surfaced; there was nothing in sight and Unbeaten cleared the area. Unbeaten carried out 12 war patrols, for which Woodward was awarded the DSO. This was added to when Woodward sighted the conning tower of an approaching submarine and, in an attack lasting only 12 minutes, closed to 1,300 yards and fired four torpedoes, two of which hit and sank U374. Woodward was awarded a Bar to his DSO. Although only four miles from an enemy coast, Woodward surfaced to pick up survivors. On sick leave, Woodward missed two patrols in February 1942 but returned in March for Unbeaten's 17th and last patrol from Malta. At dawn on 17 March, Woodward sighted another submarine. He fired a salvo of four torpedoes to sink the Italian U-boat Guglielmotti. Altogether sunk 2 submarines, 2 supply ships, 1 tanker, 1 collier, 2 schooners, totalling 30,616 tons. Sunk in Bay of Biscay 11-Nov-42 (47-00'N, 7-00'W) - attacked and sunk in error by RAF Wellington of No.172 Squadron, Coastal Command. All hands lost. On patrol in Bay of Biscay for German raiders, supply ships and U-boats on passage.


Unbending U2 P37 33 12-May-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-May-50 Scrap
19-Oct-42 attacked an Axis convoy bound for Tripoli, sinking a transport and Italian destroyer Giovanni Da Verazzano, south of Pantelleria. Damaged Italian ship Viminale 23-Jan-43. Broken up at Gateshead.


Unbroken U2 P42 33 01_Nov_41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 09_May_50 Scrap
Attacked main west coast railway line on the Italian mainland. Blocked line for 24 hours. Was counter-attacked and sustained a hit on the battery. Returned to Malta. First 10th SM Flotilla boat to return to Malta, July 1942. Torpedoed and damaged the Italian cruisers Bolzano and Muzio Attendolo 13-Aug-42. Became Soviet V2 44-49. Broken up at Gateshead.


Undaunted U1 35N 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 13-May-41 War Loss
Lt. J.L. Livesay. 10th SM, Malta. Failed to return to Malta on 11-May from patrol off Tripoli, eastern Libya, presumed lost on mines. Undaunted sailed for her Mediterranean patrol from Malta on 1-May-1941. Ordered to patrol off Tripoli the submarine failed to return on her due date of 11-May and attempts to contact her failed. It is believed that she fell victim to the Italian torpedo boat Pegaso which had sailed from Tripoli on the 12th. At 2030 that evening Pegaso signalled that she had attacked a submarine with depth charges and that a large patch of oil had been observed, indication of the submarine’s destruction. Against this theory is the fact that by that date Undaunted should have been back in harbour but it is possible that a decision to remain at sea for a day had been taken or that Undaunted may have suffered mechanical problems preventing her return. Italians claim she was sunk by torpedo boat Pleiade off Tripoli on 13th during attack on Axis supply ship. Lost with all hands.


Undine U1 48C 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 07-Jan-40 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. A.S. Jackson. Undine was on her fourth war patrol in Jan-1940 when her asdic failed due to a leak. At 0940 on 7-Jan, Undine sighted what was thought to be three trawlers 20 miles west of Heligoland; but were in fact German minesweepers. Undine unsuccessfully attacked the leading vessel; minutes later there was a large explosion followed by others as the minesweepers opened fire. Undine was at 50 feet and proceeding blind due to the loss of asdic. After 5 minutes of no further attacks Undine raised her periscope; as she did so an explosion shook the submarine, blowing her upwards and rendering the hydroplanes useless. Without the use of the hydroplanes escape would have been impossible and the order to abandon ship was give. While the crew entered the water, to be picked up by the minesweepers, demolition charges were set and the submarine scuttled. Sunk in North Sea. 20 miles SW of Heligoland island - by depth charges of German minesweepers M.1201, 1204 and 1207.


Union U1 56N 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 22-Jul-41 War Loss
Lt. R.F. Galloway. 10th SM, Malta. Sank a supply ship of 2,800 tons. Sailed Malta 0100 14-July-41 to intercept a convoy north of Tripoli the following day. Sunk 25 miles SW of Pantelleria island in Strait of Sicily - by Italian torpedo boat Circe. Attacking Italian convoy and presumed lost in counter-attack.


Unique U1 95N 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 24-Oct-42 War Loss
Lt A.F. Collett DSC. 10th SM, Malta. Lt. R.E. Boddington. Sank 1 armed merchant cruiser, 1 transport, 2 supply ships, totalling 20,382 tons. After UK refit, sailed Holy Loch 7-Oct-42 sunk in Atlantic October 1942, carrying out Bay of Biscay patrol while on passage from Britain to Gibraltar. Reported off Lands End on the 9th and not heard from again. Cause of loss unknown, but possibly lost around 24-Oct-42, west of Gibraltar; lost with all hands.


Unison U2 P43 33 01_Nov_41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01_May_50 Scrap
Unofficially known as Ulysses until named Unison. Lt.Cdr. A. Daniell DSO, DSC. Sank, by gunfire, German ammunition ship off Tripoli Feb 1943. In same month the name Unison was used, the boat having just been P43 until then. Fired on by US tanker in error off Bizerta, Med Aug 1943. Became Soviet V3 1944-49.


United U2 P44 33 01-Dec-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-46 Scrap
Lt J Roxburgh. (later FOSM). Sank Italian destroyer Bombardiere off western Sicily 17-Jan-1943. Sank Italian s/m Remo 15-Jul-43 Gulf of Taranto during Op Husky - invasion of Sicily. Broken up at Troon. Picture.

Unity U1 66C 33 1938 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 29-Apr-40 War Loss
Lt. F.J. Brooks. Lost in an accident in the North Sea, while operating out of Blyth. (ack. Ron Biddle). In collision with Norwegian SS Atle Jarl. At 1730 on 29-April-1940, Unity sailed from Blyth for Norway. The weather and visibility down to 300 yards as Unity moved out of the harbour; in the main channel, where the Norwegian ship Atle Jarl was proceeding on her way from Scotland to the Tyne, visibility was down to 100 yards: Neither vessel was aware of the other until the submarine spotted the ship at 50 yards and on a collision course. There was just time to shut the bulkhead doors and order the engines astern before the Atle Jarl smashed into the submarine. The order to abandon the submarine was given and Unity sank only five minutes after the collision.


Universal U2 P57 33 01-Nov-42 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Jun-46 Scrap
Broken up at Milford Haven.


Unrivalled U2 P45 33 01-Feb-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 22-Jan-46 Scrap
  Broken up at Briton Ferry.


Unruffled U2 P46 33 01-Dec-41 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jan-46 Scrap
Made many patrols from Malta 1942-43. Broken up at Troon.


Unruly U2 P49 33 01-Jul-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Feb-46 Scrap
13-July-1943 Sunk Italian s/m Acciaio north of the Strait of Messina (during Op Husky - invasion of Sicily). Broken up at Inverkeithing.


Unseen U2 P51 33 01-Apr-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Sep-49 Scrap
Sank the Brandeburg off Corsica 21 Sep 43. Broken up at Hayle, Cornwall.


Unshaken U2 P54 33 01-Feb-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Mar-46 Scrap
28-April-1943 sunk Italian torpedo boat Climene off Sicily. Captured Italian submarine Menolti on the night that Italy ceased hostilities and escorted it to Malta. Broken up at Troon.


Unsparing U2 P55 33 01-Jul-42 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Feb-46 Scrap
Lt Cdr 'Peter' Piper, DSC & Bar. Malta & Beirut. Successful in Med/Aegean. Broken up at Inverkeithing.


Unswerving U2 P63 33 01-Jun-43 Vickers_Armstrong Tyne 10-Jul-49 Scrap
Broken up at Newport.


Untamed U2 P58 33 01-Dec-42 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Mar-46 Scrap
Lt. G.M. Noll. Foundered Clyde 30/5/43, salvaged 5-July-43 refitted and named Vitality. See John Holt's site for full information. Broken up at Troon.


Untiring U2 P59 33 01-Jan-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Jul-57 Target
Sank 2 German A/S ships off Toulon 27-Apr-44 and 10-Jun-44. Loaned Greece as Xifias 45-52. Returned RN '52, Asdic target sunk 25-Jul-57 off Start Point.


Upholder U1 99N 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 14-Apr-42 War Loss
Lt Cdr Malcolm David Wanklyn VC, DSO DSC. Most successful of all British s/ms. Some Details. 10th SM, Malta. 25 patrols. 24-May-41 attacks a strongly escorted troop convoy off the coast of Sicily, sinking 18,000-ton liner Conte Rosso. Wanklyn was awarded the Victoria Cross for this and previous actions. 18-Sep-41, sinks the 19,500-ton transports Neptunia and Oceania, making for Tripoli. Sunk Italian s/m Saint Bon north of Sicily 5-Jan-42. Sunk Italian s/m Tricheco off Brindisi, southern Adriatic, 18-Mar-42. Sunk, in all, 2 destroyers, 3 submarines, 3 transports, 10 supply ships, 2 tankers, 1 trawler, totalling 128,353 tons. Lost NE of Tripoli, western Libya (c 35-00'N, 16-00'E) - by depth charges of Italian destroyer escort Pegaso. Sunk while attacking Italian convoy North of Tripoli and presumed lost in the counter-attack; lost with all hands. A legend.


Upright U1 89N, P38 33 21-Apr-40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Mar-46 Scrap
Lt E.D. Norman DSO DSC, Lt J.S. Wraith DSC. 10th SM, Malta. Sank 1 cruiser (Armando Diaz on 25-Feb-41, east coast of Tunisia), 1 destroyer (Albatros on 27-Sep-1941, off Messina, Sicily), 4 supply ships, 1 floating dock - total 23,408-tons. Broken up at Troon. More details.


Uproar U2 P31 33 01-Nov-40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 13-Feb-46 Scrap
Originally named P31, then Ulleswater. Lt. J.B. deB. Kershaw DSO. Sank 1 cruiser, 1 supply ship, totalling 12,100 tons. 10th Flotilla Broken up at Inverkeithing.


Upshot V P82 37 24-Feb-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 22-Nov-49 Scrap
3rd Flotilla, Holy Loch. Broken up at Preston.


Upstart U2 P65 33 01-Nov-42 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 29-Jul-57 Target
Lt.Cdr Paul Chapman, author of 'Submarine Torbay' (Hale, 1989) was C.O. Became Greek Amfitrite 45-52. Expended as A/S target off Isle of Wight.


Urchin U1 97N, P39, P97 33 30-Sep-40 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1949 Scrap
Loaned to Polish Navy 11/1/41, re-named 'Sokol'. As Sokol, Cdr Karnicki, VM DSO, had famous career with 10th SM Flotilla at Malta, sinking 1 destroyer, 1 schooner, 2 supply ships totalling 7462-tons. Returned to RN 1946 and renamed P97. Broken up 1949.


Urge U1 17N 33 1940 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 06-May-42 War Loss
Lt Cdr E.P.Tomkinson, DSO and Bar. 10th SM, Malta. Sunk Italian cruiser Giovanni della Bande Nere north of Sicily 1-April-1942. Sunk 2 cruisers, 1 destroyer, 1 transport, 5 supply ships, 2 tankers, totalling 74,669 tons. Sunk April/May 1942, on passage from Malta to Alexandria at time of withdrawal of 10th Submarine Flotilla from Malta. Sailed 27-Apr-42, but failed to arrive on 6/5. Probably lost on Italian mines, with all hands.


Ursula U1 59C 33 16-Feb-38 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-May-50 Scrap
Commander G C Phillips, DSO, GM. Nov 37 to April 1940. Lt A J Mackenzie. Aug 40-Sept 41. Lt Arthur Hezlet DSC. Sept 41-Mar 42. Lt R B Lakin DSO. Mar 42 - Feb 43. Fired the first British submarine torpedoes of the war when attacking German U-35, 9-Sep-39. Lt Cdr Philllips - Torpedoed Light cruiser Leipzig 14/12/39 (see details). Lt. A.J. MacKenzie, Lt. P.R. Ward, Lt. A.R. Hezlet DSC. Sank the ore carrier Heddenheim off Bremen, 21 Mar 40. While with 10th SM, Malta, sank 2 supply ships, including the Italian liner Vulcania totalling 14,640 tons. Later Soviet V4 1944-49. As V4, sank a German merchant ship in Arctic. Broken up at Grangemouth. Picture.


Urtica V
37 01-Mar-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Mar-50 Scrap
Broken up at Milford Haven.


Usk U1 65N 33
Vickers Armstrong 03-May-41 War Loss
Lt. P.R. Ward, Lt. G.P. Darling. 10th SM, Malta. Sailed Malta 19/4/41 for patrol off NW Sicily and later the Cape Bon, Tunisia area in the Strait of Sicily. Failed to return on 3/5, presumed lost on Italian mines. Italians claim sunk by destroyers Pigafetta and Zeno on the 4th May, west of Sicily during a convoy attack; lost with all hands.


Usurper U2 P56 33
Vickers Armstrong 11-Oct-43 War Loss
Sailed Algiers 24-Sep-43 for Gulf of Genoa/La Spezia patrol. Failed to answer signal on 11-Oct. Possibly mined or sunk by German anti-submarine vessel UJ.2208 in the Genoa area on the 3rd; lost with all hands.


Uther U2 P62 33 06-Apr-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Feb-50 Scrap
Broken up at Hayle, Cornwall.


Utmost U1 19N, P42 33
Vickers Armstrong 24-Nov-42 War Loss
Lt.Cdr. R.D. Cayley DSO. (aka 'Harmonica Dick') 10th SM, Malta. Sank 1 transport, 6 supply ships, totalling 43,993 tons. Left Malta for patrol in Nov 42. Sunk off NW Sicily in Tyrrhenian Sea (c 36-30'N, 12-00'E) - by depth charges of Italian destroyer escort 'Groppo'. On patrol off Marittimo Island.


Vagabond V
37 01-Sep-44 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 26-Jan-50 Scrap
Broken up at Newport.


Vampire V P72 37 20-Jul-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Mar-50 Scrap
Med 1944; Lt. Taylor commanding. Operated in the Aegean, conducting operational patrols in June and July of that year, during which she sank four small coasting vessels. In a further patrol in October she torpedoed & sank a 3,500 ton steamer. Broken up at Gateshead.


Vandal U2 P64 33
Vickers Armstrong Barrow 24-Feb-43 War Loss
Lt. J.S. Bridges. Wrecked off Kilbrennan Sound, Lochranza, Clyde 24-Feb-43 on work-up, cause unknown. On 22-Feb-1943 left the depot ship Forth, on Holy Loch, to carry out a three-day exercise in the Clyde, which was to include a deep dive on the 24th. During the exercise the submarine was under no obligation to communicate with her base and no alarm was felt when she did not do so. On 24-February Vandal was observed leaving her anchorage just north of the Isle of Arran. This was the last seen of her. Rediscovered Dec 1994. War Grave 1995.


Varangian U2 P61 33 01-Apr-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Jun-49 Scrap
Broken up at Gateshead.


Variance V P85 37 01-May-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Dec-65 Scrap
Norwegian Utsira 44-65. Broken up in Hamburg.


Varne (i) U2 P66 33 01-Jan-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Dec-65 Scrap
Norwegian Ula 43-65. Broken up in Hamburg.


Varne (ii) V
37 01-Feb-44 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Sep-58 Scrap
Broken up at Troon.


Veldt V
37 01-Jul-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Dec-57 Scrap
Greek Pipinos 43-57. Broken up at Dunston on Tyne.


Vengeful V
37 01-Jul-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Mar-58 Scrap
Greek Delphin 45-57. Broken up at Gateshead.


Venturer V P68 37

1965 Scrap
(Lt. J.S. Launders) Joined the 9th Sub. Flotilla at Dundee. Sank 2,500 ton steamer 2 March 44; 600 ton steamer 11 September; Sank two German U boats - U771 on 11-Nov-44, off Lofoten Islands, Norway, and U864, off Bergen, Norway, on 9-Feb-45. The sinking of U864 was a first, both boats being dived at the time. Periscope attack, the German's sloppy periscope drill gave Venturer two good sightings. Sank 600 ton steamer 22 Jan 45 and a 1000 ton steamer 19 March 45. Later became Norwegian Utstein. Broken up at Sarpsborg.


Vigorous V P74 37 01-Oct-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Dec-49 Scrap
Lt. N.R. Wood. To the Med. 1944. Conducted patrols in August and October of that year; sank 3 small coasting vessels in first patrol. During second, sank 1,750 ton steamer, 1 x armed ferry and two coasting vessels. Early 1945 deployed to Far East, conducting patrol in Malacca Straits in July 45, sinking one coaster. Broken up at Stockton on Tees.


Viking V P69 37 1944 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 1949 Scrap
Joined 9th Sub. Flotilla at Dundee (Lt. Banner-Martin). Conducted patrols along Norwegian coast. One highlight was an attack on a coastal convoy 14 October 1944, sinking a ship of 1200 tons.


Vineyard V
37 01-May-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Jun-50 Scrap
French Doris 44-47. Broken up at Charlestown, Fife.


Virtue V P75 37 01-Nov-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 19-May-46 Scrap
To the Med, commander Lt. Cairns. Patrols in the Aegean, most successful being in August, sinking 3 small coastal vessels and October sinking six small coasting vessels. To the Far East early 1945. Scrapped in Cochin, India


Virulent V
37 01_May_44 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01_Apr_61 Scrap
Greek Argonaftis 46-58. Returned to RN 3-Oct-58. Broke adrift from tow from Malta to the Tyne, 15-Dec-58. Towed into Pasajes by fishing boats, 6-Jan-59. Sold to Spanish shipbreakers 1961 and broken up April 1961.


Visigoth V P76 37 01-Nov-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Apr-50 Scrap
Lt. C.H. Hammer. 3rd Flotilla Holy Loch, then Eastern Fleet 1945. Broken up at Hayle, Cornwall.


Vitality U2
33 08-Dec-42 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Feb-46 Scrap
Launched as Untamed. Foundered in Clyde 30/5/43, refitted, renamed


Vivid V P77 37 01-Sep-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Oct-50 Scrap
Lt J.C. Varley. Mediterranean. Patrols in the Aegean, sinking a 1500 ton steamer in June 44; 1 x 500 ton steamer and 3 small coastal vessels in August. Deployed to the Far East in early 1945. Conducted at least one patrol in June 1945, sinking one small vessel off Burma/Thailand. Broken up at Faslane.


Volatile V
37 01-Jun-44 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 23-Dec-58 Scrap
Greek Triaina 46-58. Broken up at Dunston on Tyne.


Voracious V P78 37 01-Nov-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-May-46 Scrap
Operated in Far East 1945. Scrapped in India. (Lt.) John Harvey Jones (later of ICI) was XO.


Vortex V
37 01-Aug-44 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-Aug-58 Scrap
French Morse 44-47, Danish Saelen 47-58. Broken up at Faslane.


Vox (i) U2 P67 33 01-Jan-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-May-49 Scrap
Became French Curie 43-46. July 1946 returned RN and named Vox (P67) replacing its own replacement (see next boat). 2-May-49 broken up at Milford Haven.


Vox (ii) V P73 37 01-Sep-43 Vickers Armstrong Barrow 01-May-46 Scrap
Operated in Far East 1945. Scrapped in Cochin, India.


Vulpine V P79 37 01-Dec-43 Vickers Armstrong Tyne 01-Apr-59 Scrap
Initially 3rd Flotilla at Holy Loch. Fitted with dummy 'schnorkel' in 1944 - for training RAF crews. Danish Storen 47-58. Broken up at Faslane.


X-3 X
4 1942 Varley_Marine 1945 Scrap
Used for evaluation and training. See X-craft. (On names/numbers of X-Craft, X-1 and X-2 were not used: X-1 had been a giant submarine with twin turrets and scrapped for being impractical; X-2 had been a captured enemy vessel. Image: generic x craft image


X-4 X
4 1943 Varley Marine and HMDY Portsmouth 1945 Scrap
Used for evaluation and training. See X-craft


X-5 X
4 1942 Vickers, Barrow 22-Sep-43 War Loss
Tirpitz raid, Kå Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Lt H Henty-Greer RNVR. Possibly destroyed by Tirpitz gun crew. See X-craft. See details: Tirpitz attack and X5


X-6 X
4 1943 Vickers, Barrow 22-Sep-43 War Loss
Tirpitz raid Kå Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Lt D Cameron RNR, SubLt JV Lorimer RNVR, SubLt RH Kendall RNVR, ERA E.Goddard. Deployed explosives under Tirpitz but crew captured. Boat scuttled. See X-craft See details: Tirpitz attack and X6


X-7 X
4 1943 Vickers, Barrow 22-Sep-43 War Loss
Tirpitz raid, Kå Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Lt BCG Place VC. Towed by Stubborn. Placed charges, which exploded under Tirpitz, but was unable to escape. Place abandoned the boat and was captured. Sub Lt Aitken escaped three hours later with DSEA. Remaining two crew lost. See X-craft. See details: Tirpitz attack and X7


X-8 X
4 1943 Vickers, Barrow 17-Sep-43 War Loss
Tirpitz/Scharnhorst raid; Alten Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Towed by Seanymph. Scuttled on voyage. See X-craft See details: Tirpitz attack


X-9 X
4 1943 Vickers, Barrow 15-Oct-43 War Loss
Scharnhorst raid; Alten Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Towed by Sceptre(?), lost on voyage. See X-craft. See details: Tirpitz attack


X-10 X
4 1943 Vickers, Barrow 15-Oct-43 War Loss
Tirpitz/Scharnhorst raid, Kå Fjord, Norway 22-27 Sept 1943. Lt KR Hudspeth RANVR; delayed by electrical and mechanical problems in closing her original target, Scharnhorst. Jettisoned explosives in Alten fjord and eventually rendezvoused with Stubborn, but scuttled due to gales on voyage home. See X-craft. See details: Tirpitz attack and X10


X-20 X
4 1943 Broadbent 1945 Scrap
Used for Op Postage Able (recon of Normandy beaches) and Op. Gambit (marking of landing areas at Normandy Beaches, D-Day) Lt. Hudspeth RANVR (see X-Craft)


X-21 X
4 1943 Broadbent 1945 Scrap



X-22 X
4 1943 Markham, Chesterfield 07-Feb-44 War Loss
Collision Pentland Firth with HMSM Syrtis. See X-craft


X-23 X
Markham, Chesterfield 1945 Sold
Used for Op. Gambit (marking of landing areas at Normandy Beaches, D-Day) Lt. G. Honour RNVR (see X-Craft)


X-24 X
4 1944 Marshall, Gainsborough
Attacked and destroyed supply ship Barenfels at Bergen 14-Apr-44 and Floating Dock, Bergen, Norway, 11-Sep-44. See X-craft. See details On display at RN SM Museum.


X-25 X
4 1944 Marshall, Gainsborough 1945 Sold



Vickers Armstrong Barrow
Myoko attack at Singapore. See X-craft. Broken up in Sydney.


Vickers Armstrong Barrow
See X-craft. Broken up in Sydney.


Vickers Armstrong Barrow
Sank Jap cruiser Takao at Singapore 31/7/45. Lt Fraser VC, LS Magennis VC. Towed into position by Stygian. See details: X-craft, Far East ops and XE-3. Broken up in Sydney.


Vickers Armstrong Barrow
Cut HK & Singapore cables to Saigon 31/7/44. See X-craft. See Far East ops. Broken up in Sydney.


Vickers Armstrong Barrow
Cut HK & Singapore cables to Saigon 31-Jul-44. See X-craft. See Far East ops. Broken up in Sydney.


Vickers Armstrong Barrow
See X-craft. Broken up in Sydney.


Broadbent, Huddersfield 1953 Scrap
See X-craft


Broadbent, Huddersfield
Loss (not war)
Sank in tow off Portland '45. Salvaged '73 but derelict at Imperial War Museum . See X-craft


Marshall, Gainsborough 1952 Scrap

XE-10 XE
Marshall, Gainsborough 1952 Cancelled
Cancelled during construction.



XE-11 XE
Markham, Chesterfield 1945 Scrap
Collided with boom in Loch Striven 6-Mar-45. Salved and scrapped.



XE-12 XE
Markham, Chesterfield
Cannibalised for spares. Scrapped 1952.



XT-1 to XT-6 XT
4 1943-44 Vickers Armstrong, Barrow
Simplified craft built for training. Another 12 craft, (XT7-12 and XT14-19) were ordered from Broadbent, Huddersfield, but were cancelled before completion.


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