"Of all the branches of men in the Forces, there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariner.
Great deeds are done in the air and on the land; nevertheless, nothing surpasses your exploits." Winston Churchill.

"Only in attack does a submarine reveal herself, before creeping away to the concealment of the deep"

British Submarine HMS Tally Ho

HMS Tallyho on the Solent. The 3 images below are strongly believed to be the periscope from HMS Tallyho and the driving mechanism
added to operate the periscope. Images: Steve Wells.

Steve Wells tells me that "I ran a machining company in Lancaster, UK a few years ago owned by my brother in law.  In the canteen is a fully working submarine periscope which was installed by the previous owner a Colonel Benirsky a Polish officer who settled ine the area after the war.  He established this company back in 1946 - Luneside Engineering. It is supposed to be from Tally Ho but I need to get serial numbers and check that out.   It is currently fully working ie  you press a button in the canteen and the periscope moves up and sights appear from below ground with the full extent shown in one of the photos. Apr 06: This periscope was offered on eBay a short while ago, but have no idea where it went, if anywhere. June 2007: Had an email from Baz Craker, the Building Manager at HMS Raleigh, he tells me that the periscope is now in the proud hands of HMS Raleigh, the Submarine Museum. The experts have checked it over and plans are afoot to mount it in the entrance to the Submarine School foyer so that it can be used for people to look over Raleigh. The Submarine Museum has funded this. I hope they will send me an image when its installed.

Tally Ho in Colombo in 1944 showing chewed up Main Ballast Tank

Admiral Sommerville with Tally Ho crew in Colombo 1944
Right front: Lt Cmdr Bennington DSO,DSC; Left Front, Coxwain CPO Ridley DSM

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