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Sank 5th May 1945 - Raised 23rd August 1993 - Location: Woodside Ferry Terminal, Birkenhead, Merseyside

This page is full of images taken before the sub was cut up and moved to Woodside.

U-534 Images

The above image was taken by Vincent Ryan  

 Type IXC/40 - U534 - built 1942

Stern damage from depth charge evident

Looking along starboard side - dive plane prominent

Port Side Central - showing rebuilt conning tower

Port side central - twin x 20mm AA guns

Rear port side

Port diving plane and front torpedo tube

Port Torpedo housing

Good indication of size

Conning tower on her arrival in Birkenhead - outer casing rotted away

Depth charge damage causing buckled plates

These two images are taken from the U Boat site
Those last 2 were taken on 10th July 2004 whilst I was in Liverpool attending the 60th Anniversary of Capt Walker's death at the laying up of the standard of Captain Walker's Old Boys Association
which can be seen to the right of this image. The "new" conning tower has now got itself covered in rust as has the rest of the boat. Sunlight shone through glaring holes in her outer casing.
The diving planes in the surfaced or level sailing configuration, indicating a surprsie attack. This image makes U534 look almost shark like, a mechanical predator, which she was!
The bows, torpedo doors closed. They look cleaner than they did on the first visit.
and looking back down starboard side. Lets hope she can get some
protective paintwork before its too late.

Engine Room and Galley

Artifacts recovered from the U534 and the Enigma Machine from U534. More images of artifacts are on the next page

The above images are by Susanne Giehler (from

U534 arrives on Merseyside                              U534 at night

These three were taken by me on 14th June 2006 where U534 is resting in her "temporary" home about 250 yards away from what is not a developers building site. Wirral has lost a tourist attraction and historical site down to developers greed.

Gareth Boote (22/07/06) took the following 5 images

Stern tube is open, possibly 'popped' by detonation of charge?

The following images were taken by Colin Davis in December 2006, my thanks to him for sending them on

These two give you an idea of the cramped conditions of which up to 50 men would live and work

An excellent example of how tapered the sub was and up to 50 men served in her

The 4x4 and trailer give an good indication of the size of U534

John Nightingale, a gent from Canada, who has been of help to me in the past on image refinement, has sent me this compilation image of the U534.

Its taken from various images and made into one panoramic view. He tells me it is something new from the Artificial Intelligence people
at the University of British Columbia.

Nights Shots - From Rob Lockhart

Des Alcock of © images © - promised me some images of the U-534 that he took, here they are:

Attack (L) and observation scopes  

All the above 40+ images from Des Alcock  © are his exclusive property and given to me

This taken by Gary Tait


Type 9C U Boat schematics, (Large File)

On February 18th 2008, I travelled up to Liverpool to present the original metal ships crest of HMS Wild Goose to the Maritime Museum, on the way back I went back to the U-534 to see what was happening with the proposed move to Woodside - here are some images. 


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